Moving to Orlando
February 09, 2016
I've been forced to lurk for a while since reaching the final stage of my degree program and now that I'm done and moving, I wanted to see if there are any suggestions on apartment complexes/communities in which there would be less children. I'm moving to Florida, and should be arriving in Orlando in the next 6-8 months. Sadly, I'm far from 55, so childfree senior places doesn't work, and neither would a place with roommates/college-style party complexes like The Loft.

I've tried to look for places without playgrounds, with credit checks, and somewhat close to my future job, but it is increasingly difficult to find a place without a playground, it seems. Plus, I smoke, so a smoking apartment would be ideal, but not necessary. I don't care about whether pets are allowed.

I really just want a place I can live/sleep peacefully, that has privacy and maybe smoker-friendly.

Re: Moving to Orlando
February 10, 2016
Look for smaller landlord owned places. My old landlady had a 4-plex she made 55+ so she did not have to rent to kids. She rented to me though.

Look for kid unfriendly neighborhoods. Shitty school districts. Arty areas. Some not yet gentrified areas are not as bad as people may think. I lived in an area that bordered the gay-borhood which was marvelous. Breeders have to shit on everything though, and are invading like locusts.

From a bottle cap message on a Magic Hat #9 beer: Condoms Prevent Minivans
I want to pick up a bus full of unruly kids and feed them gummi bears and crack, then turn them loose in Hobby Lobby to ransack the place. They will all be wearing T shirts that say "You Could Have Prevented This."
Re: Moving to Orlando
February 11, 2016
Thank you for the advice!

It seems the places downtown and the "exclusive" communities also could work. I did a bit more research yesterday on it, but I have some time. You'd think there'd be more retirement communities with it being the snowbird capital (or at least, once was) of the country.
Re: Moving to Orlando
February 13, 2016
You might check out the Camden chain of apartments. I've been living in one of their "villages" (*blech* twee word) for three years and know their management to be quite firm about rules - especially toward potential disruptive elements like kids and pets.

For awhile, seeing an influx of breeders, I was afraid the place was heading down hill, but that seemed to be just a spurt. Once a flurry of e-mails began going out, publicly taking parents to task for their brats, the family population seems to have dropped. I guess those people didn't care for criticism of their preciouses and decided to go find a place more breeder-friendly. And for all that I love critters, people with dogs received similar admonishments about dog poop and barking. And upon finding out that some folks had pets but didn't declare them to avoid the pet fee and increased rent, those scofflaws were fined; some even evicted.

I think that chain runs a pretty tight organization.
Re: Moving to Orlando
February 14, 2016
Thanks, Dorisan. I saw those ones and they looked pretty nice and the price is high enough to deter welfare recips and breeders. It's nice to hear there are apt complexes that have realized spawn cause so much more damage than any other possible resident, plus the noise level is atrocious. My last place had two pre-grade school spawn and a duhd who would, I guess, stomp around *all* night long and then duhd and moo would be up all day stomping around, playing video games (we could hear them) and loud gangsta rap. I made sure I played my Cradle of Filth up loud and proud -- I even got some new computer speakers for it.

Thanks again! Camden has a lot of nice options!
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