Both Metro and Independent refer to Daily Mail:


She was only in her twenties, but chose to take her own life under the liberal euthanasia laws allowed under Dutch law.
After suffering childhood sexual abuse from the age of 5 to 15, the victim, who has not been named, suffered Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder, chronic depression and severe anorexia which doctors judged to be incurable.
Details of the case have been released by the Dutch Euthanasia Commission and show she was given a lethal injection last year,
despite temporary improvements to her mental state two years ago after intensive therapy.
Her psychiatrist said ‘there was no prospect or hope for her. The patient experienced her suffering as unbearable’.

I am so sorry for her but it was obviously the only solution in her situation.
I am suprised that the Commission, psychiatrists.. made such a progressive decision. Now they are under attack by do-gooders.
Do-gooders are of the opinion that it would be much better if she stayed alive.


The papers said that the woman, who was killed last year, had post-traumatic stress disorder that was resistant to treatment. Her condition included severe anorexia, chronic depression and suicidal mood swings, tendencies to self-harm, hallucinations, obsessions and compulsions.
She also had physical difficulties and was almost entirely bedridden.

I guess her real fambly that is the backbone of the society wasn't all that angry smiley
Re: Controversial: a former victim of child sex abuse granted euthanasia
May 19, 2016
It was decided a few years ago in the Netherlands that a disease does not need to be fatal, only incurable and causing a sufficiently low quality of life, for a person to seek euthanasia. This is fully in line with national guidelines, they're just making a big fuss about it in the UK because omigod, can't have people having bodily autonomy.
I'm so sorry for what this woman has gone through. May she rest in peace. sad smiley

As most people on the board know, I was sexually assaulted by my BIL when I was a kid. I suffer with a multitude of mental illnesses and anxiety disorders because of what he did to me, including BDD and PTSD.

I will NOT allow my abuser to own me. I refuse to let him take away my life. He had taken away my childhood, and I refuse to allow him to take anymore from me. I am a homeowner, happily married and have a wonderful family who loves me. He will never EVER take those things from me, he will never break my spirit.

This woman's spirit was totally broken. I feel so badly for her, but I know she will have escaped the physical torture of what her mind and body put her through.

I have found that the tables have now turned in my situation, as my BIL is terrified of me now. I have forged a new relationship with my sister and have forgiven him. He is TERRIFIED that I will tell her about what he did to me. He is not sorry, but he knows as well as I do that I could share the awful details with my sister at any given time. After I went to police, he suffered with a serious illness that affects him to this day.

Karma is the bitch that never forgives, and never forgets. Victims grow up. I don't ever have to do a thing, because he is living with this every single day of his life.
OMG I am so sorry.
I cannot believe that he wasn't excluded from the family.
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