Rantangry smiley
July 01, 2016
I hate the fact that people are allow to blow up fireworks around housing areas. I hate the fact that they made fireworks louder then before. Dick Synder DIAF! hot smiley I am also sick and tired of having panic attack. Why can't people blow them somewhere else? Away from us and wildlife.
Re: Rantangry smiley
July 09, 2016
I hear you. The day after the 4th, some bright spark in my neighborhood decided it would super extra special to light off their remaining fireworks at 11 at night in the park right next door to my apartment building. It woke me and I was going to call the non-emergency police department number when they seem to stop all of a sudden.

There were tons of fireworks displays around here during the weekend. What possessed them to light off their own and disturb animals and people like that? angry smiley
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