Anyone here from Ohio, know Ohio, know someone *from* Ohio??
July 02, 2016
Dh and I just spent two weeks there. We followed the advice of a friend to visit Hocking Hills, which provided me with enough CF vent fodder for a verrry long post. Gawd, kid-infested campgrounds are a wide circle of hell ... angry smiley

But we also visited The Wilds, German Village in Columbus, Roscoe Village and the Chillicothe area. Turns out - we kinda like it there. The southern part of the state has some of the Appalachian terrain we are familiar with, here in NC; there is a lot of history (my ancestors settled in that state in the early 1800s - perhaps a call to me?); and - a critical feature: it's on the western side of the mountains.

Dh and I have an RV, something we've wanted for 20 years. Pack up the critters and head out. The last two years, we've enjoyed the treks (with the exception of some of the awful kid experiences at campgrounds). Bad part? Trying to make it through the NC/TN/KY mountains, starting about an hour into the drive. It is hell. Certainly, we anticipate the mountains of the west to be higher and tougher, but starting right out of the chute, climbing and curving, has definitely put a damper on the first day of travels. Then there's having to go back over those heights to get home.

Dh has balked. He's in his 60s, we've lived in NC for almost 30 years. I think he was just too rooted in the familiarity. No matter my arguments: it's two days of travel to get over to relatively level land, then two days in a campground to rest. And the cost - jeezus. Our 32' class C, towing a Chevy Spark. The last two trips, we got about 7mpg. We should average ~10mpg. That adds up. As I baldly stated to him "that's a dead zone. we are spending a couple hundred on gas and campgrounds just to get past an obstacle."

Seeing the western side of Ohio, I think he is coming around to the thought of possibly relocating. I'm doing the cost analysis part, but if I can get some real life experience .... One thing we noticed about Ohio: people are nice there. They strike up conversations with you out of thin air. That's something we seem to have lost, here in NC. I blame it on the very high influx of transplants. Dh and I chose an area that started out, 20 years ago, with a high % of natives. Most of our friends are NC-born. Getting out of our home base, though, the people aren't as convivial.

I'll head over to the City Data forum and check the Ohio section. I spent about a decade there as a regular, trying to explain to transplants why they aren't liked by the NC natives ("quit squawking about how much better things are 'back where you came from' for one!") but I thought I'd throw out to any BF regulars or lurkers a request for info.
My dad and his side of the family are from Ohio (and almost all of them still live there), Cincinnati and Columbus. I can't say I've been there often enough to tell you anything; last time I was there was in 2013 for my grandfather's funeral and the last time before that was 10 years previously. I did like Columbus and I kind of regret not going to the Ohio State University for college (I would have gotten some rocking alumni/legacy grants and scholarships).

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While vistiting our relatives in Ohio. My poor aunt has to deal with a lazy fatso moo and her brats. She even had the nerve to steal all her food and drop her brats on her.angry smiley While my poor auntie was despress from her mother's death.sad smiley But other then that My family and I had fun.
Re: Anyone here from Ohio, know Ohio, know someone *from* Ohio??
July 05, 2016
I visited friends in Columbus, it's a nice smaller city that benefits from having a major state university around, in the form of more diverse restaurants, bookstores, ethnic shops and a more progressive attitude compared to its rural surroundings. There's also a small Japanese community because of the nearby auto plants. I really liked their North Market indoor marketplace with unique foods and merchants. If you want nearby getaways, Cedar Point (the best theme park in the Midwest) is north about 2 hours, and Michigan's gorgeous west coast harbor towns are driveable. Having said that, there's not much in the way of lakes, nature or scenery, it's very flat, and when I visited the humidity was quite bad. Not Florida-bad, just surprising.

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