Pokemon Go Thread
July 10, 2016
Anyone else playing Pokemon Go? It is a lot of fun and in my city I keep running into other people playing it. It has an ability to bring people together and I think it will be a strong force for bringing communities together. Never thought I would say that about a silly phone game.

So any good strategies? What is everyone's best Pokemon?
Re: Pokemon Go Thread
July 16, 2016
I finally bit the bullet and downloaded it yesterday. We'll see how it goes smiling smiley.


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Re: Pokemon Go Thread
July 18, 2016
I'm out.

Check out these fucking morons:

Yes lets look for pokemon on a medevac helipad:


Lets block emergency vehicles:


Lets be unsafe, neglect patients and be idiots:


It's like anything else, people should play it when you are off duty, where it can't mess with vital functions, and where you can't get hurt.

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Re: Pokemon Go Thread
July 20, 2016
Oh man, no.

No one with gainful employment will be able to compete in the game against the mombies, dependapotamuses, or other deadbeat leeches on society. If you have a job, give up, play for funsies and entertainment only.

Let the welfare crowd have their little victories. If it's really important to get ahead in the game for nostalgia reasons, support their deadbeat asses by buying some upgraded accounts on ebay. Whee, you win! Cuz you have a job.
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