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Here here!

Posted by NoKidsLifeIsGood 
Here here!
May 02, 2005
Catmommy, I know EXCLTY what you mean. I have little fuckers who live behind me, sleigh ride down my hill and smack into my house. I have about 4 pieces of busted siding from the little cock-suckers. I hope every day of my life that one of them smashes their snotty little faces on my hose spigot!!!!! THEN! just the other day the father told me that I should clean up my dog's poop in MY yard because when his brats run down through to play with the brats across from me, they have stepped in poop! I was so furious I told him "FUCK YOU SHIT FOR BRAINS, KEEP YOUR FUCK TROPHIES OUT OF MY YARD!!!" Breeders suck and they have balls the size of the grand canyon.
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