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Bratfree's First Troll

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Bratfree's First Troll
February 06, 2005
Well, Bratfree had its first troll! Woohoo! That means we're (okay, I'm) really in business now. Poor Alan, he evidently has not mastered reading comprehension. I guess I'll have to make the header a little more explicit: This is not a place to debate childfree vs. childed!!!!111 Your novels will NOT change our minds about being childfree, ok?

Re: Bratfree's First Troll
February 08, 2005
Egad, I had that ranter pegged as a Fundie Mama, and it was a male named Alan? I bet has a Moo in his life, and he's just babbling the "Childrun are our fyooooture" babble because his balls are gone.

Nice work, SCG. Guess you've arrived!
Re: Bratfree's First Troll
February 27, 2005
So, just because a father doesn't agree with you, he has no balls??? Judge Much??? Maybe he is a father that loves and cherishes his kids and doesn't understand why you have such hate for children???

And maybe I'm just an idiot who is illigitamit and cant read good becuz the rules clearly state I shuldnt flamebut all muh brain sells skeeted out win I birthd my baaaaaybeeeees. I agree with Alan...I should just kill muhself.

Susan...the dumbest, most boring, most pathetic, retarded troll ever who spends all my time trolling CF sites when I should be doing TMIJITW.
Re: Bratfree's First Troll
February 27, 2005
Susan, get some help please.
Re: Bratfree's First Troll
February 27, 2005
Susan, if you had read Alan's original post, you would have seen it to be a hate-filled diatribe against CF women. If you've been to BRATS! any length of time, these posts are usually made by jealousy-poisoned Mommies who can't stay off CF boards.

Mommies such as yourself.

I never wrote Alan didn't have nuts because he didn't agree with me. I surmised Alan was jealous of the CF because he has a shitty life doing TMIJITW.

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