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331-moo goes to crafty party

Posted by CF Uter 
CF Uter
331-moo goes to crafty party
June 03, 2005
>>>>Moo ended up going to the party and lying to her kid and sneaking out of the house. That's just great parenting, isn't it?<<<

AND, just great "friendship" too!

Being a good parent and "friend" you wouldn't *lie* to your sprog but tell the truth that mommie is going out for some adult time etc. Kid can learn she is not the center of universe and adults actually have a different life and it will give her something to look forward to while growing up. Plus, she can learn to have some kid time to herself also.
The only thing this moo is doing is teaching the kid that it is alright to lie (because someday she get caught in a lie to her kid)

But moos can't say no to sproggy anymore, it will break sproggy's heart.


Hmmmmm. I must be a breeder in waiting then because I have two rooms full of arts and craft crap. *eyeroll*
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