to the Moo/Dud who's going to Hawaii on the CF dime
February 23, 2005
Hey Moo! Shouldn't you be saving for your runt's college education or doing something responsible with the money you stole from us CFers?

Well, I can understand needing to get away from the endless demands of your whining brats. Oops, I forgot...guess you'll have to take them with you, lest you be accused of being a Bad Parent. How unfortunate.

I've never been to Brazil, but Hawaii is beautiful, especially in January and February. Oops! That's during the skool year, so I suppose you won't be going then. Sucks to be You.

How about Hawaii? Steal all the money you want, but the fact remains that you'll be dragging your brats around the island(s), whereas I will be taking quiet walks on the beach with my beloved, sleeping late, having siestas, making love and just enjoying each other and the scenery.

OTOH, you get to deal with: Mommy, I'm hungry! Mommy, Pearl Harbor is boring! Mommy, I want McDonalds! Mommy, I'm boooored. Mommy, this sand is yucky! I wanna go to the pool!

First of all, It gets a 2 out of 10 on the troll-o-meter.

I was thinking how pitiful it is that It has to wait for a tax refund just to take a vacation. People who blow tax refunds on stuff are generally the ones who can't afford the stuff in the first place. We take ours and drop it into retirement accounts.

My wife and I went to Prague in November. We're going to Oahu in April, first class, and probably back to Krakow within another year. Tax refund? We don't need no stinking tax refund!

Even if It does go on vacation, it has to deal with Its sproggen. Not much of a vacation if you ask me. Limiting your time to when the brats are on school vacation, and having to go with half the other brats in the country. What fun! That's why we go on vacation during the off-season. Avoids the throngs of fat moos and duhs and their wailing progeny. Our summers are typically one long vacation anyway, what with the boat. Don't need to travel!

I see the original post was deleted. Probably just as well. smiling smiley
Oooh, Oahu sounds like fun! That moo is pathetic. She's the same one that called me a stupid fucking cunt. winking smiley She keeps posting (she's got AOHell), and I keep banning her. She went through a German proxy/IP masker, and I banned that too. Poor thing. I just wonder...if she's doing TMIJITW, how come she has so much time to troll?
Here I am again!! I haven't fed my baaaaaybeeees, but I have trolled all the CF sites I can find. All of y'all are ebil!!!!111 Your all goin to hell!!!11111 I'm wonderful and I go to the zoo evry day with my keeeyudz. I lurve them sooooo much and there spayshuyl 2. I hope you all die. I hope you all die and go to heyall!!!!1111

And oh yeah...I've been to Jaymaka, porto reeco, and mars and now I'm going to hawiiee. So there. And I dont eben have to work. I just sit on my fat ass all day and eat bonbons and troll you're cF sytes so there!!!!111 OMGWTFBBQASAP!!!!!11111

still the most boring, retarded, lame-ass troll ever.
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