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Breeders in the aquarium store

Posted by cfdavep 
Breeders in the aquarium store
December 23, 2017
Went to the aquarium store today to buy one of the larger plecos for the fish tank and in comes breeder family. Duh took up so much time from the store employee that I had to leave. Breeders just LOVE to take up time when they are deciding to buy something and it was "storytime" for the employee who had to wait on them and off course according to breeders no one else is alive, others are figments from their waking dreams. The only part I heard was Shitley had a molly, basically a 50 cent livebearer die on him last night and had to be replaced today and on and on. The employee looked like he was in hell with this loud duh with his cutsy story of Shitley's loss. I had to toss the "take a number" thing on the floor and leave. Those adult plecos are not easy to find at a decent price. So I emailed their contact form and told the store what I thought of the way they treat customers who have to wait until daddict picks a fish 20 minutes after he attention whores his sprogs emotions to the workers. Totally done with that place.
Re: Breeders in the aquarium store
December 24, 2017
The employee probably didn't have a choice...the store ought to empower staff to say, "It looks like it is going to take a little time to address your situation, let me quickly help this other customer first."

If I have complicated/long request I do not mind letting one or two faster people go through. As long as my situation gets proper attention after that, and the place is genuinely short-staffed, I am fine with it.

Like you, I leave if I have to wait too long, especially if I can tell the previous person isn't taking a long time because their situation is genuinely complicated, but simply because they are being an ass.
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