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Getting a tubal and the "regret rate"

Posted by cfdavep 
Getting a tubal and the "regret rate"
January 12, 2018

Someone on reddit is studying to become a doc and said that there are old studies the docs are using saying there is a high regret rate for women under 30, but the "regret rate" seems to apply to women who have had a least one kid and is under 30. Regret rate is seriously low for women under 30 with no kids and would be REALLY low for cf women, but cf women have to pay for the lack of responsibility of women who have a kid with some jerk when they are 21 and claim never again then some other guy comes along five years later and they are blaming the doc for a decision THEY made as a legal adult. Also some docs who personally see women as baby-makers who were put on earth for baby making use these stats to turn women down. A really interesting thread
Re: Getting a tubal and the "regret rate"
January 12, 2018
It amazes me that there has never been - that I've come across - a study on sterilization regret among people who claim to be CF. But that is because doctors would rather be paternalistic than hear the truth, which is that more and more women think "fuck this noise" when it comes to reproduction and never ever change their minds.
Re: Getting a tubal and the "regret rate"
January 14, 2018
tldr: the Reddit poster who started this thread is a medical student. During rotation she and her supervising doctor encountered a 26 year old woman who was divorced with one child and "currently dating a man." the OP doesn't say, but perhaps the conversation went to the woman being ambivalent about her decision, and the supervising physician went into a tirade and said:


There are many studies that have shown high rates of regret after these procedures and reversal is not always possible. If she had asked me to do the procedure, I would have said no."

This male may be a doctor, but he's also a moron. Regret isn't all that high. He's also having reading comprehension issues.

From the Reddit poster who pasted the above link:

"The landmark CREST studies found that, among women aged 30 or younger at time of sterilization, regret "was lowest among women who had no previous births" at 6.3%. Among women aged 30 or less, childfree women are less likely to regret sterilization than mothers are.
There is a 93.7% chance that a nullipara sterilized before the age of 30 will not regret her decision.
Source: "Poststerilization regret: findings from the United States Collaborative Review of Sterilization" published 1999. The CREST studies are the largest studies ever conducted in the US with respect to sterilization."

From the study's abstract: Participants included 11,232 women aged 18-44 years who had tubal sterilizations between 1978 and 1987.

Crest Study

The medical student makes a case that the study shouldn't be applied to "modern women." I think to some extent she's missing the mark too. People keep talking about "age" and regret, but the LOWEST incidence of regret AT ANY AGE is from people who have never had kids. The study may be old, but it only confirms that.

It's too bad the medical student can't go back and explain to him what this study really meant. This old fart needs some education: the regret rate isn't all that high, but the biggest risk factor for this 26 year old woman is that she HAD A CHILD ALREADY. I hold doctors to a higher standard--they should know the damn data WHEN THEY ARE THE SURGICAL PROVIDERS.
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