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Male co-workers trying to get rid of preggo moo

Posted by cfdavep 
Male co-workers trying to get rid of preggo moo
February 02, 2018

Wannamoo tells male co-workers she is preggo, I guess, assuming they would go nuts with a a baby shower. They immediately try to get rid of her blaming job performance as she may become costly down the road. Wannamoo miscarries and is preggo again and asking for advice on how to keep her job as she can't find another one.
Re: Male co-workers trying to get rid of preggo moo
February 05, 2018
When a woman is pregnant, her body goes through changes. Some women are affected in such a way that they do make more mistakes. I posted a link to that here:


Is the workplace being unfair to this woman? It is very possible, but I would not say that the reason is that they are all men. Abby told her to get an attorney. I think the case is not going to be an easy one because they actually have given her a raise. I say an objective look at the situation should be a good start before money is spent on an attorney. If the place is really a bunch of jerks, they are going to stick to their ideology and will not back away from it, despite legal ramifications.
Re: Male co-workers trying to get rid of preggo moo
February 05, 2018
Cfdavep, at the link that you have posted, there is another letter to Abby.

Chicago Sun Times
DEAR ABBY: I have cheated, lied and more. I have made a lot of changes in my life for the better since then, but we all know I’m still a sinner.

I have gained a lot of weight over the years, and I hear about it often from my husband and two boys, mostly my sons. My boys are rude and disrespectful to me, and my husband says nothing. They make me feel ugly and worthless.

I know I haven’t been the best wife or mother. I thought I was doing better, but I guess not.

I’m tired of the name-calling and disrespect. I know I have made mistakes, but must I be put down all the time? One day I feel OK, the next I’m down again. Please help me. — FEELS UGLY IN TEXAS

This woman said it clearly. She lied, cheated and did more stuff. I have a question for her: Who is going to have your back when you betray those who believed in you? Have you really changed (people usually don't change) or are you still playing around? If the other men were so awesome, why aren't you with them?

This applies to men who cheat on their wives and to women who cheat on their husbands. If the other person is so amazing, why did they not marry you? Why did they not want to build their life with you? I often wonder, how come people cheat and then go back to their old life? How come people don't have the guts to get their own place and live on their own for a while, until they figure out what is it that they want out of life? How many people actually get out of a relationship because it is not right for them and not because someone else has come along? Cowards#

It is interesting how people jump to conclusion that we live in a messed up country. Who makes it that way? People do. People are the majority and majority rules.
Re: Male co-workers trying to get rid of preggo moo
February 06, 2018
Maybe it is just my experience but I thought women were supposed to keep mum about the pregnancy at work until they were reasonably far along (past the stage of typical miscarriages) and showing?

It really is impossible to say what is happening with this pregnant woman. Perhaps she has been bragging at work about staying at home once she starts having children and her co-workers have heard her say this. Or maybe she works in an environment where maternity leave means everyone in her department is forced to cover her workload. Or maybe she talks about pregnancies and babies non-stop. Or perhaps she is completely innocent and the people in the office are a bunch of jerks. There is no way to tell. If the culture doesn't support a decision that she has made public then it would be in her best interests to start looking around somewhere else for a place with a supportive culture as she is going to need to be cut lots of slack once she sluices. Wondering if any other women have sluiced at her workplace and if so, what happened with them. She may want to take note of this and to also note how the women were treated.
Re: Male co-workers trying to get rid of preggo moo
February 07, 2018
I was thinking along the same lines as Freya. It is hard to know what's really going on. My opinion from having been in the workplace for many decades is that everybody has stuff and reasons to be absent sometimes, such as health problems, car maintenance, sick relatives, maybe a pet that needs to go to the vet. If someone is a good worker and is an asset, you try to work with them and people generally don't have a problem with covering for a good worker because everyone has life issues. But if someone isn't pulling their weight in general, that person will get "feedback" from co-irkers and managers and it's not pleasant for all concerned.

Even if she is the bestest worker in the world, as she seems to indicate from her email, there are some workplaces where people are expected to be "balls to the wall" at all times and there is not a favorable life balance and PTO for any reason is frowned upon.

If this is the culture at her job, that would mean pregnancy is a bad fit for the job. She wrote she tried to find another job but she also wrote all these events took place over a "few months." Sounds like typical poor Breeder planning and MUST RE-BAKE A CLUMP THAT MAKES IT IMMEDIATELY. The logical thing to do would be to wait more than a hot second and get another job BEFORE pregnancy or possibly get more money in the bank so that she could stay home for a while, but we all know logic and Breeders don't go together.

I have friends IRL who have been through miscarriages and it looks very stressful. Why would she want to embark on her current course of action, which seems to be: stay at the same job, whine to advice columnists, consider suing, get knocked up again and expect to do the same thing with different results and possibly pursue legal action. Wouldn't it be less stressful for all concerned to find a different situation?
Re: Male co-workers trying to get rid of preggo moo
February 08, 2018
Granted, there are workplaces that are downright disgusting to their employees, as I used to work for one.

That being said, something doesn't smell right here. We all know that these types of post never contain the full story, and many times have crucial information omitted and/or are downright lies. I suspect as much with this bint's post. The most telling is that she got a raise a month later after miscarries. Raises are not just given, but are a reward for hard work and an incentive to keep working there just as hard, and this wouldn't happened if the employer wanted to get rid of her.

I suspect that the moment she announced her bun in the oven, out came the unreasonable demands, insufferable attention seeking, and a sharp work performance drop - hence the letter of reprimand and threats to job. Reprimands are not given lightly too. On top of that, the fear of not going to HR.

I'm strongly leaning to her actually creating this situation for some benefit only known to her, and then doing a complete 180 when the opportunity slipped away. Perhaps she was trying to create a situation where she got fired, and then tried suing $$$, blaming it on an anti-babby workplace. Nope, not buying it.
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