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This sounds familiar...

Posted by Techie 
This sounds familiar...
April 16, 2018
I am sure that more than one person on this board has been down this dead end street. To breeders, love and trust, none of that matters at all. It is all about if a person is willing to breed or not. Even if a breeder stops nagging for a period of time, the harassment will return and will certainly do serious damages.



John Cena and Nikki Bella‘s sudden split after six years together came as a shock to fans, but there were signs the couple was drifting apart.
For years, the wrestlers struggled to connect when it came to their future as parents. Cena, 40, was steadfastly against having children, while Bella, 34, was vocal about her desire to be a mother.
“I do want to be a mom,” Bella told Cena in 2013 on Total Divas. “I feel like I’d be missing out.”
“I’m going to choose my words carefully,” Cena replied. “I can’t give you that.”

Re: This sounds familiar...
April 16, 2018
It is really fortunate for both of them that this happened prior to the wedding. Cena told her on the first date he isn't having kids so she should have told him she is 100% wanting kids then they could have gone separate ways. And he was 34 at the time he said it, not 16 and a flaky teenager. And now she is 34, single and on a serious time crunch because she wasted 6 years chasing a waterfall.

I've been in Cena's situation numerous times and have sympathy for him. Since he doesn't want to marry at least he didn't lose 6 years of his life finding the right woman. I hope he has been having a great time and the "she wants kids" hasn't been a ongoing discussion until recently which cause the breakup.

I really don't get it, if I wanted kids I could have had them at any time as there are always men who want them in steady supply. Why on earth date a childfree man if a woman wants kids?
Re: This sounds familiar...
April 17, 2018
At least this is a case where, even if they should have split sooner given their incompatibilities, both people were honest about their intentions and there was no reproductive coercion. I don't know if Cena was guilty of thinking that she would change - Bella was almost certainly guilty of thinking he would change - or if he was just going to enjoy it while it lasted. Thinking that someone will change is a fault, but in this case it seems like the person holding the unrealistic views hurt themselves the most.
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