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Boobfeeding until age 9

Posted by cfdavep 
Boobfeeding until age 9
November 13, 2018

All the commenters, parents or not were horrified
Re: Boobfeeding until age 9
November 14, 2018
9 is too old, breeder or not.


Passive Aggressive
Master Of Anti-brat
Re: Boobfeeding until age 9
November 14, 2018
Ewww...this is just plain creepy.
Re: Boobfeeding until age 9
November 20, 2018
The weird, gross aspect aside, it's not healthy for a child to be sucking on a tit at that age, much like how it's not healthy for them to be sucking on a bottle or a pacifier or a thumb at that age. Whatever nutritional benefits a child could get from boob juice are only really helpful in infancy when the kid's immune system is garbage (not to mention the quality of breastmilk is only as good as what Moo eats), and if it's more for comfort, there are plenty of other healthy ways for a child to comfort itself. If it's for bonding purposes, again, there are healthier ways of doing that.

What happens when the kid never grows out of this shit and needs comfort nummies before high school graduation or before a job interview? Will Moo accompany her daughter on her honeymoon so she can maintain access to the milk bar, or offer her a drink when she's in labor? She says she'll stop at ten years old, but I'm sure she won't object if the kid decides she wants to keep on nursing indefinitely.

I don't care if Moo is still lactating or not, it's waaaay past due to pull the kid off the tit. Ever notice how no other lactating animal nurses its young for so long? Because it isn't necessary. I know we've speculated here many times before, but I think there's probably a sexual aspect to this, and once the udders aren't sore from calving, getting them sucked and twiddled probably feels good and they can pass it off as "maternal bonding."

I wonder how the kid will feel when she grows up and learns that it's not normal to be sucking on Mommy's boobs at the age of ten when weaning is going to allegedly happen. Some girls get their periods at that age and start getting tits themselves. I swear, if Moos could figure out a way to make pussy eating sound like a nurturing mother-child activity, they'd all be training their kids to eat them out too.
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