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Entitlemoo demands more from someone teaching swimming classes for free

Posted by Cambion 
Entitlemoo demands more from someone teaching swimming classes for free
December 19, 2018

This lady teaches kids how to swim for free - people offer her money, but she turns it down. Then this extra-special bizzy Moo starts heaving demands around from the start, and boy she pulls out all the stops.

Instructor tells Moo her class schedule, Moo demands she teach her son exclusively at an earlier time that can't be accommodated because the instructor has a day job. Bitches that the instructor doesn't reply faster. Attempts guilt-tripping by saying she already promised her brat he can swim that day, so you better just shut up and come teach him. Demands the instructor teach the kid alone because he can't be around other "brats" (her words, funny how everyone else's kids are brats, but yours are angels) because of anxiety and he NEEDS solo lessons. Instructor is uneasy about teaching an anxious child to swim and Mommy backpedals, saying that oh, his anxiety isn't so bad after all.

The instructor stands her ground and Moo tells her what a selfish, heartless bitch she is and Moo is a single mom and how dare this woman make Moo deal with the consequences of making a promise she couldn't keep.

I guess she thought she must have showed that pesky bitch a thing or two, so after calling her names, she thinks this has made the instructor change her mind. Instructor just ignores the loon, and Moo proudly says that she is going to take her child and throw him in the pool at 1 and if anything happens to his ass, it'll be the instructor's fault for not being there on Moo's watch.

Oh but wait, there's more! Moo pulls the money card and whines about how poor she is and tells this lady that she ought to start accepting the payments that she turns down from other parents and then give that money to Moo because the instructor doesn't need it.

What a fucking class act, this one. I want so much to hope this is bullshit, but I know there are tons of entitled people like this - especially breeders. Glad the instructor didn't cave to the Moo's demands. She only got to be the way she is because she knows from experience that if she can browbeat someone long enough, they'll give her what she wants to make her shut up.
My sister used to teach dance, and MY GOD the moos she dealt with were hideous. She had a couple PNBs, but they were far outnumbered by the breeders. And they were very much like this-- whatever my sister did, no matter what, it wasn't enough. A couple of them got together and convinced each other that their kids were going to be world class professional dancers, and just a couple weeks after my sister had a heart attack-- that they knew about-- they swarmed her and demanded she fly with their kids to an out of state competition because "agents" were going to be there. My sister pointed out that her doctor hadn't cleared her for travel, and one of the bitches actually had the gall to complain that "that isn't fair to the girls." Too fucking bad, bitch. Go die in a fire.

Yeah, this story touched a nerve for me. smiling smiley
Re: Entitlemoo demands more from someone teaching swimming classes for free
December 20, 2018
I've known parents like this. One of them, a typical entitled breeder type, insisted her son was a musical prodigy like Mozart because he could bang out Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on the piano. No, your kid isn't a prodigy for pounding out a 6 note song on the piano in 1st grade. Later on, she demanded FREE piano lessons for her son after school. She felt entitled to them because I was a public teacher and she said I should be grateful for the job and give back, especially to her kids. Keep in mind that this bitch was the richest family in town, too.

I ended up pulling a blade off this prodigy in school. The admins let him go home with the weapon and a verbal warning. They never notified his parents, because of his family money. I got out of that place at the end of the year.
Hopefully, the swim teacher told entitlemoo to take a long walk on a short pier.
If it's not fabricated (sounds a bit extreme...): Holy shit, what an asshole mooooo. She sounds like a total narcissistic psychopath.
Demanding, blackmailing, and then bitch calling that instructor for her goodwill. I don't understand why that instructor didn't block her ass after the first insult.
AND after all that ManiacMoo is even willing to (potentially) kill her own sprog by drowning alone in the pool, out of her own selfishness. No wonder she's a single moo. As if any guy, breederbrain or not, will stay for such a nasty dragon. I wonder how that happened that she got inpig to begin with. Who would fuck something like that...
If I were the instructor I'd report that hag to the police. Or child protective services. I don't know if they have that in their country.

Freedom & Art & Music >>>>>>>>>> human spawn

"Music is immortal. People are not."
-William Anger, "King's Story" - Thief2 FM by Zontik
Re: Entitlemoo demands more from someone teaching swimming classes for free
December 20, 2018
This is why I would never ever do anything that caters to breeders. You can give them the sun, the moon and the stars, and they'll still ask for more. Nothing is ever enough or good enough for them. It's always ME ME ME and to hell with everyone else because no one else matters. I would kind of like to see a bunch of entitlemoos like these fighting amongst themselves over who deserves preferential treatment. Who's the most specialest special snowflake?

If this heifer wants someone to teach her kid to swim exclusively, she can fucking pay for it and I guarantee no amount would be enough to deal with this bitchy Moo. I can't imagine why she's single...
Re: Entitlemoo demands more from someone teaching swimming classes for free
December 20, 2018
There are two major reasons people have left or chosen to avoid participating in activities for others' children.

One is the fear of false abuse accusations, especially for men.

This situation is an example of the other.
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