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A toadler in a dangerous lab

Posted by cfdavep 
A toadler in a dangerous lab
March 19, 2019

Apparently a moo lab tech took her screamer into a low safely lab that may contain ebola and the like. Dangerous place chemically. Everyone is telling the worker to report, but the person fears doing so as they only started there 2 weeks ago and how things will unfold and affect their job. Some are saying it is dangerous for the person's job not to tell.
Re: A toadler in a dangerous lab
March 20, 2019
Makes me wonder if Moo is looking for a settlement. Bring child to work because (excuse), child hurts or kills themselves, Mommy makes bank. Sounds like this person is really new in their workplace and doesn't want to stir the pot in regard to someone who I assume has been there longer, but the danger to the brat aside, if anything does happen to the little fucker, administration will come down on the author like a nuclear bomb for not just automatically minding the child and/or for not reporting it sooner.

Also, where is the Moo? Does she work in the same lab? Or did she just dump the kid so she didn't have to deal with it and fuck off to the other side of the building? I would stay as far away from the brat as possible because when the kid hurts itself, the blame will be placed on whomever is within eyeshot.

The brat's safety aside, it sounds like a very delicate lab environment. Maybe when they lose a bunch of work because Snotleigh stuck his fingers in an experiment, they'll put an age limit on lab access... which I'm sure Mommy will proceed to ignore because rules don't apply to breeders, after all.
Re: A toadler in a dangerous lab
March 21, 2019
As if loaves aren't germy enough. If anything happens and this kid becomes infectious, it could be disastrous to the general population. Moo needs to get her fuckin' kid into some sort of daycare so she doesn't expose others to whatever's going on in that lab.
Re: A toadler in a dangerous lab
March 26, 2019
Breeders are just idiots. In this case especially, since dangerous germs are around.
I had that sorta shit pulled in my lab too actually. One of my colleagues dragged her damn brat along multiple times, both to lab and office, and it was horrid. Running around, slamming a chair into my leg, screaming...and once she even dragged the damn maggot in when it was sick, and coughing all over the place. After they were gone I spent a long time desinfecting myself.
And since its an engineering lab, ya, there are no biohazards, but theres still heavy equipment that can crush the damn rugrat, or hot furnaces, or toxic substances. But hey, I guess toxicity doesn't apply to the holy breeders too, right?
Unfortunately I couldnt complain about it, because the breeder is higher up in the hierarchy and even the prof is a chyuldworshipper.

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