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SIL values dog over visiting nephew

Posted by freya 
SIL values dog over visiting nephew
November 30, 2019
Sister is angry towards her brother for having the nerve to get married and no longer stand in as his nephew's father. His new wife has a dog that pwecious nephew is allergic to. Now brother is no longer hosting the nephew in his house for sleepovers and rarely sees him. Batshit lets the father (her ex) get away with not seeing his son and she feels no responsibility to take the nephew to the events he once enjoyed with his uncle.

Batshit crazy sister
The dog died last month and I was thinking Brian could start going over as soon as they gave the house a thorough cleaning.

Translation: she is infuriated that she can't control her brother anymore and make her kid his problem. She also lost her free night-off single moo pass even though there is every indication she has split custody and already gets some nights off as a result. If she really cared about her son she'd find another way to get him to events he enjoys.

And sister-in-law has the audacity to adopt another dog immediately after the first one died? What about the childrun? Doesn't sister-in-law understand that famblee comes before anything else?

Re: SIL values dog over visiting nephew
November 30, 2019
My shitsack comes before your life Brother!


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Re: SIL values dog over visiting nephew
November 30, 2019
So duh hits the road so he won't have to waste his time with kid's crap and the brother takes over

The person answering said they should ask the SIL to get an allergy friendly dog, but even that is not going to go over, as how can you tell someone to get a dog that is not for them, but will work for the sprog?

But the answerer is right, go after the duh for not making the kid #1 not the uncle's wife. Sheeesh
Re: SIL values dog over visiting nephew
December 01, 2019
Amazing that the answer is spot on:


A dog is a way of life, and it’s daily. To expect someone to change her daily way of life so your son can visit is a much bigger ask than you seem to realize.


Meanwhile, why are you holding your sister-in-law to a higher standard than you do Brian’s own father? She can’t get a dog, but he can check out because he’s “not into” the same things your son is?
Re: SIL values dog over visiting nephew
December 01, 2019
I find it interesting that the moo blames the other woman. It’s not the dad’s fault for being a deadbeat, she doesn’t blame her brother even though he was A-OK with being less involved in the kid’s life, it’s all the other woman’s fault because she would rather be a dog owner than act as some random kid’s surrogate mother. Because every unencumbered woman should want to take care of other women’s brats.

I also find it interesting that the brother doesn’t seem to mind spending less time with the kid. I’m guessing that the moo was getting pushy and constantly encroaching on the brother’s father/son time with his own kid, so he was glad to go along with the excuse that the dog created.

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Re: SIL values dog over visiting nephew
December 03, 2019
Simple, she blames everybody else because if she were to hold the duh responsible then she'd have to admit that she made a f****** mistake

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