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Corona and homeless families taking over houses

Posted by cfdavep 
Corona and homeless families taking over houses
March 20, 2020

Once again the entitlement. Homeless families are taking over houses, because kids, in an attempt to escape the c-virus.
A commenter said "Good luck ever getting them out and property values will take a nose drive, plus the houses will be trashed"
Re: Corona and homeless families taking over houses
March 20, 2020
I don't think a society should have homeless people to begin with. Nobody needs billions, and everyone needs a place to live.

But even if you don't agree politically, from the perspective of self-interest it's better if people are isolating, which is impossible if you don't have a home. Infectious diseases easily take root in the homeless population due to poorer health and poorer sanitary conditions. I think it's in everyone's self interest if there aren't a bunch of infected people wandering around.

Of course framing it as "for the children" is offensive. But it's the usual rhetoric, meaningless background noise at this point, like "hopes and prayers".
Re: Corona and homeless families taking over houses
March 20, 2020
many of these homeless are mentals. some are incapable of caring for themselves in what we consider a normal way. they will trash whever they are because it is just an outgrowth of their illness.

so, if they can't care for themselves, who is going to do it? who is going to pay someone to monitor these people 24/7 because, for some, that is what it will take.

two cents ¢¢


people (especially women) do not give ONE DAMN about what they inflict on children
and I defy anyone to prove me wrong:

The selfish wants of adults outweigh the needs of the child.

If I want to hear the pitter-patter of little feet I'll put shoes on my pets.

Mankind and its needs (wants) are like unto a black hole. It devours all available resources and it never is full: it merely grows larger and demands more.

Definition of 'wealthy': Anyone who makes more/has more than you do.

Someone pointed out that I'm a realist. And all along I thought I was just a pessimist crossed with a cynic.

Entitlement, thy name is mooooooooooooooo

"Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove
they are insured... but not everyone must prove they are a citizen.
Add to this that, many of those who refuse or are unable to prove they are
citizens, will receive free insurance paid for by those who are.""

I am confused enough already. I do not need outside help.
Re: Corona and homeless families taking over houses
March 21, 2020
This is just street theater. If you ask anyone working in social work, public health, or public policy they will not tell you homelessness is due to a lack of safe buildings where these people can live. It's not like a shortage of parking spaces where there simply aren't enough units. Homelessness is a multilayered problem that includes addressing mental illnesses and drug addiction. I'm positive many of these people are already in the system with a variety of issues.
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