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Moo sues police and entire school over kid's suicide

Posted by Cambion 
Moo sues police and entire school over kid's suicide
August 12, 2020
This made local headlines forever ago and I only found out about it recently. I don't want to share any links because I don't want to reveal my area, but I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to find with some Googling.

Back in the early 2000s, someone's teen brat got suspended for being suspected of smoking weed and then arrested for refusing a drug test. Moo claims that the kid was paraded around in front of reporters before being hauled in to the station, but several reports from the accused police officers said this never happened. While awaiting trial, the kid kills himself a few months later at home.

Moo filed a lawsuit against the school, the town, the principal, the superintendent and the arresting police department by claiming that they all intentionally and conspiratorially targeted and harassed her innocent baby to make an example of him, and that the humiliation and pressure caused by the arrest is what led to his suicide.

Moo also claimed a violation of the kid's constitutional rights and cited the first, fourth and sixth amendments specifically. So arresting Junior for smoking weed was a violation of his freedom of speech, his right to not be unreasonably searched/seized, and his right to a trial/jury/lawyer/knowledge of your accusers? I really don't see how any of those rights were violated and the suit description said as much.

Apparently the kid had a history of depression, but one article quoted his father as saying he was a happy-go-lucky kid who was always smiling. So this would imply that the kid was either unmedicated when he had a known mental disorder or his parents were so out of touch with him that they didn't see/care he was depressed. Either way implies shitty parenting.

Moo didn't win because the description of the lawsuit said the evidence did not support Moo's claims. I'm thinking the parents didn't want to admit that their iddle dumpling used drugs or that they neglected his depression, so they decided to blame the police and the school instead.
Re: Moo sues police and entire school over kid's suicide
August 12, 2020
The suspension with drugs had nothing to do with this kid's suicide. If that were true then suspensions with drugs would cause mass suicides. The parunts may or may not have overlooked potential mental illness in their child, and it unlikely either of them are trained professionals in mental health that would know what to look for. But there is some grey area in this because he could have had some very obvious warning signs that any attentive parent would have detected.

Most suicides don't result in someone else going to jail and being convicted of a crime. Why does moo feel the need to blame the police and school for the suicide? This moo is marked, if she has any other kids they are kind of screwed based on her very frivolous lawsuit because moo has worked diligently to achieve the reputation of trouble maker. If her plan was to turn others against the police and school it is very likely she has only made herself look like an ass.
Re: Moo sues police and entire school over kid's suicide
August 13, 2020
The moo is off her rocker with the claim about her kid being forced to do a perp walk with media present. News outlets have general rules against naming or publishing pictures of minors accused of crime, except for some of the most serious. Reporters naming a kid busted for weed? Not happening.
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