What will solve the world's problems? Moar baybees!
September 14, 2020


One of these articles is about the massive fires on the west coast, the other is about how the supreme court may soon restrict abortion.

Just when I think politicians can't possibly get any stupider or more corrupt... they always do.

Because adding a few million extra resource sucking human larvae is the perfect way to fix the pandemic, economic crisis, social unrest, and devastating wildfires. And forcing unwanted parenthood on people who might already be dealing with a ton of shit in their lives will work out great. For them, their kids, and society in general.soapbox cursing

The air quality sucks here in Tucson, Arizona because of the fires in California. It must be a million times worse for the people there. And the fucking conservatives think it's a good idea to add another shitload of vulnerable, needy infants to a world like this.
Re: What will solve the world's problems? Moar baybees!
September 19, 2020
My dh mentioned that it would've been a great chess move for Ruth Ginsburg to have retired while Obama was in so she would be replaced with a younger liberal judge, but she hung on and died six weeks before the Orange Terror is probably set to be re-elected nominating a Handmaids Tale judge.
Re: What will solve the world's problems? Moar baybees!
September 21, 2020
A lot of people wanted her to retire before Obama left, but she was sure she could outlast Trump. She was physically strong, too--I have her workout book, it ain't for pussies. I still can't believe she didn't make it.
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