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Bouncing baby boy murders and dismembers parents for not giving him money anymore

Posted by Cambion 
This is a story from 2016, but I'm just hearing about it now personally. Anyway, for those who aren't familiar with this story, this guy's parents decided to stop supporting him financially while he was a professional student for nine years and never had a job. His completely rational response to their decision was to murder them, dismember them and dissolve their remains in acid in order to cash in on their $500,000 life insurance policy and then burn the house down.

Guy had a pretty solid plan to kill them and destroy the evidence, to be honest. But someone requested a welfare check after the mom was a no-call, no-show at work and his plan went tits up. Pretty gruesome story, but there's no telling how your greedy entitled lazy bastard kids will react to you no longer paying their bills.


P.S. If that link doesn't work, you can find loads of other coverage elsewhere since the story made national headlines.
Jesus, that is gruesome. Sounds like some extreme sociopath behavior.

I've seen this in my own family. My brother went nuts after our dad died (not that he was well-hinged before) and didn't leave an inheritance, and his wife took everything. He threatened to kill her but ended up drinking himself nearly to death in all his rage over the situation. He was a spoiled brat Golden Child, and our parents (who themselves were spoiled brats) gave him anything he wanted.

My mom preceded this behavior by talking about killing her dad's (my grandpa's) girlfriend with insulin while she slept. She never did it but this kind of stuff probably occurs more often than people think. Just another reason to be CF, among many. I think a lot of older people are seen as potential paydays for their kids.
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