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More reddit cognitive dissonance

Posted by kittehpeoples 
More reddit cognitive dissonance
March 17, 2021
Just found this gem in the comments on a post about mothers sexualizing their young sons, and someone brought up #boymoms...this mother chimed in with her "yeah, mothers who sexualize their sons sure are wrong!" two cents:

Weird moo
I was a “boymom” (two sons) until I had my daughter and now I’ve been downgraded to just “mom”.

The “Daddy’s little girl” shit is also super duper sick. Let’s not forget the whole “any boy has to get through me first” culture surrounding girls.

Weird parents gonna weird, I guess.

I suppose she completely missed the fact that she considers being a mother to a daughter a "downgrade." But she's one of the sane ones? bemused eye roll
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