Evidently people are taking their kids to R rated Burlesque clubs. This is only one article of a many I found when I googled it, after seeing small children putting dollar bills in a burlesque dancers bikini underwear while their parents smiled and snapped photos on social media. Of course it is a political issue and while I never identified as a Republican, needless to say Republicans on social media are against it and the Liberals are actually fighting for this like it is A-OK. I guess it is from all the years in the 90s-00s when parents brought their kids to Hooters. eye rolling smiley Here's one article.


"The producer of a burlesque show advertised as R-16 says theatre ushers will remove children from the premises if their parents continue to bring them along."

So, now there are officially no formerly adult only places where breeders won't bring their spoggen.
The management and performers replies in the article were very graceful, considering the circumstances.

But this
from article
A bunch of people in that room had organised date-night at a burlesque-inspired variety show so they could forget they had responsibilities for a couple of hours.

I imagine these people were particularly pissed off after being annoyed by someone else's "responsibilities" after paying for sitters and expensive tickets.
But one reason why I don't go out.


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I know at least when it comes to movies, the rule for R-rated is no one under the age of 16 or 17 can view it without adult supervision. I don't know if parents think that applies to burlesque performances too, but my guess is they were too cheap to get a sitter or they think they're being super edgy hauling the sprogs along to a mature entertainment venue.

Nothing ruins an atmosphere worse than a screaming brat. Or even if they're quiet, them being there absolutely kills the sexy mood of a burlesque show. The article points out how the brats not only make the other guests uncomfortable, but the performers as well. I imagine it's hard to get on stage and put on an adult performance when a four-year-old is in the front row. I'd bet Moos would raise hell if someone in skimpy clothes went to Chuck E. Cheese and hung around.

I can't believe people have to be told to not bring their MINOR children to ADULT events. I hope this club sticks to their word (because you know Moos will throw shitfits over not being allowed in with kids) because if word gets out that this adult venue allows brats in, attendance will plummet. If I want to go to a club to see someone in a corset and pasties and the tiniest thong known to mankind, I do not want to look to my side and see someone's derp-faced fuck trophy picking his nose and eating it.
For about 18 months back in the early 1980s, I was an usher at the Broadway show, "Oh! Calcutta!" That show, which ran for about 20 years, included full frontal nudity by men and women and had strong sexual content in all of its skits.

It was very rare to see any kids younger than 18 attend the show, always with their parents. They were warned before they entered the theater about this. One family who entered the theater didn't last very long, storming out within 15 minutes.

No internet back then, so you didn't see any bad reviews. They just took their lumps and left.
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