24 year old moo with 22 brats and husband destined for the clinker
June 20, 2022
24 year old moo had TWENTY brats in one year through surrogates plus two more brats. Claims she wants 105 brats in total. Oops, duh has been arrested and is facing charges for multiple crimes. Suddenly, moo isn't feeling so good about life. Oh, and prior to that he was tried for attempting to have someone murdered. Real upstanding type perfect to mate with, right? Lurv is blind. mob with pitchforks chasing another

It states moo is a millionaire and it is a damn good thing since she has freaking 22 brats to support.

I think I'd heard that prisons in Turkey require the famblee to feed the prisoner or the prisoner starves but that may not be correct.

No sympathy...popcorn and jerry springer sign


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