What happens when you never tell your ickle poopsie NO
June 22, 2022
Incel bastard murders underage female co-worker in the break room at work after she rejects him for a year.


Obviously it's not just the perp at fault here - it's the managers' faults for not doing more to protect this girl when she explicitly asked to not be on the same shift as this asshole. It's the customer's fault who heard a woman screaming in the break room and said NOTHING until after the girl was dead. Why he wasn't fired for not only harassing a co-worker, but a minor too is beyond me (there seems to be an implication that the murderer was banging one of the female managers, which the manager has neither confirmed nor denied, sooooo...).

All that was done was the (male) manager told him to "keep it professional." The kid got stuck on the same shift as this maniac and somehow nobody noticed or responded to the guy doing shit like putting paper over the break room windows, intentionally stacking boxes in front of the security cameras and putting an "out of order" sign on the door so that he could kill the girl in peace when she eventually went in there.

The affidavit is available online and described "significant trauma" to her neck and a lot of blood on the floor around her head. There was also blood all over the whole break room. So the guy must have strangled/beaten her to death. The killer was apprehended 100 miles away without a fuss after he ditched his bloody clothes, drove off and then continued on foot. He proceeded to deny intentionally obstructing the security cameras in spite of being presented with video evidence of him doing it.

Let me guess, a basement-dwelling mama's boy who grew up never being told no and that he was Mommy's special little prince and could have anything he wanted and never had to deal with rejection. Then he reached adulthood and refused to accept that this teen girl didn't want his fat perverted ass. I'm sure he would describe himself as a "nice guy" and how "all women are bitches" for not "giving a nice guy a chance." I wonder if Momma will run to his rescue and claim that he couldn't possibly have done this and everyone else is wrong and mean and picking on her bouncing baby boy.

The guy's mugshot is chilling - all those scratches on his face meant the girl tried to fight him, but the guy is easily 2-3 times her size and there was no way she was overpowering him.


A 28-year-old man is being held on investigation of first-degree murder in the death of a teenage girl at a Walgreens in Colorado Springs.

The suspect and victim were coworkers at the store, where she had reported him to management in the past for making her feel uncomfortable, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

At about 6:55 p.m. Saturday, police received a 911 call from a manager at the Walgreens at 6820 Centennial Blvd. stating that he had found a body in the store’s breakroom and that there was “blood everywhere,” according to the affidavit.

Joshua Johnson, 28, has been arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder. The victim has been identified as 17-year-old Riley Whitelaw of Colorado Springs. Whitelaw died at the scene.

About a year ago, Whitelaw had complained about Johnson to a store manager, saying that he made her feel uncomfortable and that “he had made advances toward her,” according to the affidavit. She had requested a work schedule to avoid Johnson, but their schedules crossed when Whitelaw requested more hours.

Before the attack, Johnson allegedly stacked boxes in front of a surveillance camera in the room to obstruct the camera’s view. Paper was taped over the windows of the breakroom, according to the affidavit, and a restroom closed sign was placed in the area.

A woman who was a customer in the store told investigators she heard a woman screaming and the sound of “stalls” slamming.

Johnson was later contacted by the Colorado State Patrol as he walked along Interstate 25 near Trinidad, according to the affidavit. He had scratches on his hands and face. He was arrested without incident and is being held at the El Paso County jail on investigation of first-degree murder.

Johnson told investigators that he was in the breakroom and that he “fell in the blood,” according to the affidavit. He was near a large trash bin at the store where an empty bottle of bleach was found. He told investigators he went home and washed blood off of his clothing after “that happened.”

Johnson denied stacking boxes in front of the surveillance camera, although there is footage of him doing it, according to the affidavit.

An investigation is ongoing.
Re: What happens when you never tell your ickle poopsie NO
June 22, 2022
The managers gave her a different shift as she requested, but then she asked for overtime hours. They warned her that this asshole would be working on those hours, but she took the hours anyway and that's when he did this. I still blame the manager for not firing or at least transferring him to another location.

Incel bastard murders underage female co-worker in the break room at work after she rejects him for a year.
(there seems to be an implication that the murderer was banging one of the female managers, which the manager has neither confirmed nor denied, sooooo...)

If he banged one of the female managers, he's definitely not an incel. Sexually successful men have also been violent to women who rejected them. You might as well have called him black when his skin is paper white.
Re: What happens when you never tell your ickle poopsie NO
June 23, 2022
That's true, but I'm sure not even the victim ever expected the guy to get violent with her even if she was stuck with him on a shift. Continued advances, stalking, personal space violations, flirting, sure. Creating a witness-proof room at work during business hours and killing her inside of it? If she saw that coming, I guarantee she would have quit. From the way the media coverage of the case sounds, his behavior made her feel uncomfortable, but not as though she were in any danger.

Also, the killer claimed he and the female manager were having a physical relationship. This was information he volunteered to the police when questioned about his relationship with the victim, but I have no idea if it's true. A few other articles on the story say, verbatim, "he stated he no longer had a crush on her (victim) because he was intimate with one of the managers, who did not mention a relationship with him during an interview with police." So he might have just made that shit up, or maybe the manager didn't want to confirm because police might suspect she had prior knowledge of the attack on the victim due to a close relationship with the killer. I'm sure more details will come out as the investigation continues. He already outright lied to the police and said he didn't purposely block the security cameras when he very clearly did, so anything that comes out of his mouth is likely to be bullshit.

He was also reported to act jealous when the victim's boyfriend began working at the same store. Incel or not, I have to assume that he decided that if he couldn't have her, nobody could.

Maybe he had a perfectly healthy upbringing and just happened to turn into a shitbag, I could definitely be wrong. But usually people don't get to a point where they feel that killing people who reject them is okay without someone teaching them that they can always have what they want, no matter what.
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