Famblees on youtube "how to" videos
July 29, 2022
I have an aquarium and happened to find out that people make "logs" from PVC pipe in order to not spend $200 on real wood for a tank. Anyway there is this guy who shows how to do this from start to finish and his video is the first one that comes up. While talking the guy's wife walks into the vid making it look like she is interested in the whole thing while displaying their freshly hatched loaf in the middle of the screen.

The comments that got the most upvotes were the ones that commented that he had a "beautiful family" and all I could think was "what does a loaf have to do with DIY fish tank decor?? The wife was average looking and quite overweight and the loaf looked like a loaf. The finished DIY logs were more attractive than the family.

I can't imagine a 75 year old father and his two 40ish year old sons being called "a beautiful family" while trying to explain such uses for PVC pipe from their basement on youtube.
Re: Famblees on youtube "how to" videos
August 02, 2022
I feel your pain. I’m a knitter, and I can’t tell you how many Youtube videos I’ve noped right out of as soon as a brat made an appearance. There was one Youtuber in particular who I really enjoyed, even though she brought her toadler into it occasionally. Then the kid starting appearing more and more, helping unbox the “haul” videos of yarn purchases. THEN when the lady got knocked up for the second time, it became nothing but sharing her ultrasound photos and tales of morning sickness and back pain. NOPE. I wonder how many viewers she lost that way. If you want a pregnasty channel, make a pregnasty channel, but if your BRAND (she’s a knitwear designer) is supposedly all about the knitting and beautiful yarns, STICK TO THAT please or you’re going to lose a lot of viewers.

Shauna's like a gluten-free Jim Jones for dumb, lifeless middle-aged women. I swear, this bitch could set fire to a orphanage and they would applaud her for bringing them light. ~ Miss Hannigan
Re: Famblees on youtube "how to" videos
August 03, 2022
A common complaint for sure.

Here is where we discussed Orangette's descent into Boring Mommy Blog. Bonus mentions of Shauna.

I'm sorry I ever called Molly's recipes decent. (15 versions of banana bread or granola? bor-ing.) And this was just the beginning of both their slides away from their main topic into TMI overshare.

People read blogs for recipes or they watch YouTube for instructions. Most will stay around for a few off-topic mentions of something, but the main content is why they are there. How much you luuuuv your sprog or your gender identity is not useful information.
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