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The Moneyist: I've racked up $50k in debt because I'm helping my worthless son and my husband doesn't know about it

Posted by bell_flower 
The Moneyist has come through again with a prime example of the folly of marrying someone, particularly someone with no spine, with worthless, do-nothing children.

A GrandMoo wrote to say she's racked up $50,000 in debt to help her worthless, addicted son without telling her husband.


My husband has zero respect for my son and refuses to help unless it goes directly to the kids (clothing, sports fees, school supplies, etc.).

Sounds as if her husband is the only smart one in this relationship. Grandmoo is 70+ with a part time job. She's willing to go to full time, but seriously, does a 70 year old person have the stamina to work a full time job? Doubtful.

You know what's going to happen next if she stops supporting Sonny boy, and the Moneyist has this to say about the matter:


You could — with the cooperation of your husband — take in his children, but you can’t afford to keep enabling him.

I know what I would say! Not just no---FUCK NO to that idea. Plus, if GrandMoo is working off the debt all day, who is watching the kids? Grandpa.

GrandPa needs to run fast and run far from this situation.

The Moneyist responded that she hasn't ruined her life, but from here it sure as Hell looks like she has.

Oy, the only thing worse than a dumb Breeder is an idiot GrandBreeder.
I actually know plenty of 70 yr olds still working FT ( especially if they are supporting offspring's college and grad school degrees bcuz they refust to let Junior pay for it himself) If you take care of yourself it isn't much of an issue. Some people age like grandmas, some still have it together.wink But it is sad she's contemplating this and wont let her son grow up and take responsibility.

He doesn’t work, is on public assistance, and demands money from me. He gets very abusive when I don’t give it to him. This is the second time I have gone into debt behind my husband’s back.

Nowhere in the article, as far as I can tell, does it say that they need to do something about the abusive brat. I wonder exactly how he gets abusive. Does he take it out on his mother, or the kids? There are solutions here that involve law enforcement but this doesn't even get a mention.
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