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Has anyone here watched "The Middle"?

Posted by golden commando 
Has anyone here watched "The Middle"?
August 30, 2022
It's an ABC about a middle-class family in the American Midwest. I thought you all might find it interesting because the parents are definitely "breeders", live a dull, frustrating life, and use their misery as an excuse to break rules and take advantage of people. We find out why they had children in the second or third season. I shit you not, their reasoning starts and ends at "Why not, how hard could it be?".The least of their bad behavior involves using the dad's father's parking pass to park in handicapped spots, and the worst involves stealing and trashing the neighbors' car while they're away on vacation, making a swift "clean-up" once the realize the car is a pigsty and the neighbors are hours away, groveling and sniveling that "you have such nice things, and we always feel so icky", only for the neighbors to brainless grin and say, "Oh, it's okay! That's what neighbors are for!" Usually, it's the mother Frankie pulling these stunts. The father, Mike, is usually in a state of survival/bare existence. Goes to work, comes home, watches the football game, that's it. It's disturbing. The three kids are.....interesting. Axl, the oldest, is a dickhead teenager who goes out of his way to be a slob. Sue the younger teen is neurotic, and "innocent" to an obnoxious degree. She goes through the show racing around with bugged-out eyes in a constant state of terror. I get that she's a kid, and still learning about things, and everyone's a little nervous at that age, but it's cranked up to 11, and I find myself siding with the "mean girls" on the cheerleading squad. To sum it up, Sue wants to be on the cheer squad, but no one wants to be around her. In any other show, you'd feel sorry for her, but when she races up to you with eyes bulging and chattering a mile a minute, I can understand the immediate dislike. As for Brick, the youngest of the bunch and a massive bookworm with a heavy interest in fonts? Well, he basically lives in his own little world, and I don't blame him for it. The problem is that the entire world could be exploding, and he'd still be sitting there, happily oblivious. I still like him the most.
What upsets me is that at the end of each episode, all this misery and bad behavior is justified with "Oh well, life is crazy, family is crazy, that's just the way it is, just wait till you have kids". There are funny and sweet moments, but the overall package is too upsetting for me to really enjoy it.
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