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Unpaid work bad for moo's mental health

Posted by freya 
Unpaid work bad for moo's mental health
September 16, 2022
Article starts out discussing how unpaid work is bad for mental health and then quickly devolves into unpaid work being bad for moo's health. Because it is always about the moos. Even though pretty much all adults do laundry and wash dishes. Moos are better/more exalted than the rest of us so all the non-moos in society should be compensating them for their unpaid labor.

Even though the author lives in a self-described egalitarian household she still ends up doing more of the unpaid childrearing work. Do the authors of this nonsense ever listen to themselves? Also, does anyone ever read this and see how it is a cautionary tale? This witty and insightful author somehow thought having at least three brats (baybee, toadler and first grader) would mean she would have any free time that couldn't be filled with unpaid work?

quote from article
The 2018 American Time Use Survey found that women ages 25-34 spend eight hours a day on unpaid work, versus men’s 3.9 hours. (For ages 35-44, that goes up to 5.2 for men and a whopping 8.8 for women.)

So, I can have brats and spend 8+ hours of every day doing unpaid labor from 25-44 or I can abstain from insanity and spend closer to 8 hours a week doing unpaid labor? Ha ha, I'll take door #2!

Re: Unpaid work bad for moo's mental health
September 17, 2022
Where do I step off this f'd up planet?

Now we have changed the definition of taking care of our own stuff as "unpaid work"?
Re: Unpaid work bad for moo's mental health
September 20, 2022
Unfortunately I can't read the article because MSN.com seems to hate my internet, so I can only draw conclusions.

If Moo wants to have zero responsibilities to reduce her unpaid workload to zero, she can do one of two things: pay someone else to do it for her, or become homeless. You don't have to wash dishes and mop the floor if you don't have dishes or a floor!

Being an adult means you have to get off your ass and take care of your own shit. Not everything deserves a paycheck. God what a bunch of fucking whiners! DId these people never mature past the age of eight when they got money for doing chores and now they expect that to still happen? If feeding yourself and doing laundry is causing so much mental turmoil, maybe you're too fucked in the head to handle raising kids too.

I really do think breeder women wind up doing most of the house work because they allow themselves to fall into that routine. Many of them are control freaks who feel their way is the only way to do things and may not even let their men try to help because they'll scream at him that he does it "wrong." This might be understandable if the guy is legitimately doing shit wrong like cramming garbage down a sink that does not have a garbage disposal or letting wet laundry sit in the washer for two weeks until it gets moldy.

This is not to say the men are innocent - I know plenty of them will just pretend to be incompetent and do stuff wrong on purpose so their Moo-wives won't ask them to do shit anymore because they were raised to believe that the people with the boobs do all the house chores. I see enough stories over on breakingmoo about women who go on strike at home and stop cooking and doing chores and just let their families' messes pile up in an effort to make the husbands do more of the domestic work. It seems to work maybe 1/4 of the time.

If you don't want your entire existence to be chores, then don't create more fucking people for whom you need to do chores! You'd this would be a sort of, "Well duhhhhhh" kind of thing, but apparently I give people too much credit.
Re: Unpaid work bad for moo's mental health
September 22, 2022
Jeebus Fuck, what a pantload of "my life is not my fault!"

The woman in the article has THREE BRATS: a baybee, a toadler and a first grader. THREE BRATS.

Did she ever contemplate for one hot minute how her life would be with THREE BRATS? Or did she just think, yay, attention for me and baybees!

Having three kids 6 and under would be like turning your house into a fucking war zone until they can become self-sufficient, which, thanks to The Hovering that a lot of Modern Moos practice today, hardly ever happens.

A few quotes from the article:


One of the more nuanced points in the study was that “women carry the greater mental load of household labour; therefore one unpaid hour is considered denser and more impactful for women than for men, and therefore might not be directly comparable”. It’s partially the reason, the researchers posit, that unpaid labor is less likely to result in poorer mental health for men, which might, in turn, be due to the type of tasks men often take on. While I appreciate the researchers’ suggestion that “outdoor or maintenance” tasks might fall into this bucket of less time-sensitive, possibly more enjoyable unpaid labor, my husband, a tech guy, is as likely to pick up a rake or screwdriver as he is to spontaneously start orating Chaucer from memory. But I take their point. And this mental load – constant, invisible, perniciously seeping into most of my waking and sleeping hours – is something that Ervin, herself, wrestles with in her own home, where she and her husband are raising two daughters.

“I have a particularly egalitarian husband with respect to his views, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to the day-to-day,” she said, uttering what could be the headline of nearly every conversation I have with girlfriends. “And it’s really hard to shift the dial at an individual household level.” How, I wondered, could I force my husband to join me in the trenches of Obsessively Thinking About Labeling the Preschooler’s Change of Clothes for School until that task was completed?

Here's a thought: if having a cooperative husband is important to you......MARRY A COOPERATIVE GUY.

You can "shift the dial" at the individual level....it's called: MAKE BETTER CHOICES. If a guy is sloughing off on chores after you get married, KNOW THAT IT'S ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE IF YOUR SPROG. Consider having ZERO kids or just one kid, not THREE FUCKING KIDS.

If you cannot change your life with your choices, you are confirming you will remain a victim your entire life.

What do these women want? Congress to pass a law mandating all males do 4 hours of housework per day? Probably.

More and more, people who have kids expect money from the Government to fund their personal life choices**. Women want to stay home and get paid. Well, they are being paid, presumably by their spouse. If you are staying home raising your COLLECTIVE kids with your spouse and you are unsatisfied with your "pay," take it up with your "boss."

That sounds so "Republican," I know. I'm completely in favor of an individual's right to have an abortion and I'm a moderate or libertarian on social issues.

But goddamn, I'm so tired of all the whining from these Breeders who are NEVER satisfied. I want money to stay home with my kid. Wah, I am staying home with my kid, but my spouse doesn't do enough. I want free daycare in the form of schools, but I want the school to raise my kid EXACTLY as I would do it. I want more tax breaks. If I stay home with my kid for ten years, I want to be paid the entire time and waltz back into the c-suite when I'm done.

Life doesn't work this way. Pick one thing, lose another.
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