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Child abusers are monsters; except when my kid is the abuser ofcourse

Posted by ladybug2203 
Only everyone else's kids who become child abusers are monsters ofcourse

Re: Child abusers are monsters; except when my kid is the abuser ofcourse
March 30, 2023
It's true of any child who commits any act of bad behavior, regardless of severity: anyone else's child does it and they're a horrible monster. But if it's Moo's own child that's the perp, the child's behavior will be downplayed ("boys will be boys") or the victim will be blamed ("s/he was asking for it by doing X") or they'll blame some health condition that may or may not really exist (usually some form of autism).

Everybody also wants to scream from the rooftops about stranger danger, but nobody tells their kids about familiar danger. Because kids are a lot more likely to be abused by someone close to them than by a total stranger.

The abusive brother claimed he had not been abused, but that he went down a rabbit hole on Youtube that took him to the dark web? Either People doesn't know what that term means or this kid knew exactly what he was looking for because you don't just stumble into the dark web. And what "age-appropriate" tutorial on Youtube led him to sexually explicit content? And of course the abuser is an awtard because every fucking child is autistic now. I'm guessing the autism was used as a potential excuse for why "he didn't know any better."

I mean, hopefully he will not re-offend. I know more than one person who committed similar acts as minors who went on to never do those things again because they knew after the fact what they did was wrong. Or maybe they just learned how to do those things and not get caught again, I don't know.


"I was under that naive thinking of 'My kids would never look at stuff like that,'" says Hope. "But those videos became real-life curiosities. And rather than coming to us with questions, he tried things out with his brother, who adores and trusts him."

Mmmmm no, it's probably more like he didn't want to get banned from the internet by asking questions when he found sites with adult content, so he decided to do some experimenting of his own on test subjects who didn't know any better. Maybe eight years old is still an innocent enough age to fuck up like this without intending to cause harm - I don't know, I'm not a child psychologist. But you'd think once puberty kicked in, the perp would be a little, you know, grossed out touching their own siblings in a sexual manner. Most people who commit these kinds of acts are child sexual abuse victims themselves, so the fact this kid isn't seems particularly concerning.


"He took accountability for every detailed thing that happened between the two of them and said things like, 'None of this is your fault. You didn't do anything. I'm glad you told Mom and Dad. I'm glad I'm getting help. I love you. I understand if you never trust me again. I will never hurt you again,'" Hope says. He did a similar call afterward with the youngest brother.

This sounds like he just said was he was "supposed to" say. My ex was one of the people I mentioned who molested a sibling as a minor and he outright said he just told the therapist what they wanted to hear so he could get out sooner and not go to juvie. I'm inclined to think this kid is going through the motions so he doesn't have to stay in the rehab program longer than necessary.

At the very, very least, the parents actually did something about the abuse. That's more than some people do. I know of yet another instance of someone who was sexually abused by a teenage family member at a young age (like age 7) and when he told his mother about the abuse, his mother just ignored him. I don't think the abuse continued, but the damage was definitely done.
I found this mootards reaction disgusting. rather than turning her back on this oldest pedo in training.. she cries, 'I wuuuuuuv him'... wonder how that makes the other kids feel. mommy is sorry for my abuser.. the younger kids are DAMAGED FOR LIFE.. low chance of re offending. all this prick bastard has done is learn what to say to put people off his back. mommy is in for a life of deserved nightmore

fuck her to hell and back again

two cents ¢¢


people (especially women) do not give ONE DAMN about what they inflict on children and I defy anyone to prove me wrong

Dysfunctional relationships almost always have a child. The more dysfunctional, the more children.

The selfish wants of adults outweigh the needs of the child.

Some mistakes cannot be fixed, but some mistakes can be 'fixed'.

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one. Leo J. Burke

Adoption agencies have strict criteria (usually). Breeders, whose combined IQ's would barely hit triple digits, have none.

What a moo dumbfuck.


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I felt I had two sick children

No. You had one sick child, and one traumatized one. One was an abuser. The other was his victim. Those are not the same thing.

pedo kid
an age-appropriate YouTube tutorial he came across when he was 8 led him to sexually explicit content on the dark web

Bullshit. Personally this feels like a shirking of responsibility, blaming the Big Bad Internets for him abusing his brothers. But no way in hell did something "age-appropriate" lead him to the dark web...otherwise it wouldn't be "age appropriate," would it?

moo again
"The five of us stood in the living room crying and hugging, my boys saying goodbye to each other, none of us understanding what would happen next," Hope says. "My husband went to a hotel with my oldest, and I fell to the floor with my two other boys, sobbing."

Hey, great way to re-traumatize the two victim children, by going into hysterics when their abuser is removed from what should have been their safe space. Kudos, moo.
Cunt needs to fuck off and die.


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What a moo dumbfuck.

Not just a dumbfuck, but a negligent cow who downplays her brat’s vile behavior. censored bar Rape is a horrible and disgusting action and there is NO EXCUSE for this kind of behavior. I hope the victim gets the fuck out of here and cuts all ties with their family. I hope the victim has enough money for therapy
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