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12-year-old shoots Sonic employee for telling his uncle not to pee in the parking lot

Posted by Cambion 
Man the future looks brighter and brighter every day.

Another story I read on this incident described that the kid's uncle was pissing in the restaurant parking lot (this story calls it an "unspecified disturbance") and when the employee went outside to tell the guy to put his dick away, the child in the guy's backseat decided to grab the semi-automatic rifle that was in the car for whatever reason and shot the employee multiple times.

The brat is being charged with murder, but since "boys will be boys" and "he didn't know any better," I'm sure nothing will come of it. Hopefully the murderous brat's uncle will at least face charges for giving his kid access to a rifle. Based on some other coverage of the story, it looks like the uncle will also be facing murder charges.

I do wonder if there may have been an existing beef between the employee and the kid's uncle and he told his nephew to shoot if that employee approached them, figuring that the kid would get blamed and not him. The idjit went back to the parking lot for some reason and that's where he was apprehended. The police collected the brat later and he's currently in a detention center.



KEENE, Texas -- A 12-year-old boy and a 20-year-old man have been arrested on a murder warrant in the fatal shooting of a Sonic Drive-In employee in Texas, police said.

Matthew Davis, 32, was shot and killed Saturday night as he fought with Angel Gomez, 20, in the parking lot of the restaurant in Keene, about 40 miles (64 kilometers) southwest of Dallas, police said.

The boy was at the restaurant with Gomez, who was causing an unspecified disturbance in the parking lot, and shot Davis several times after taking a gun from Gomez’s vehicle, according to a police statement.

Davis was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead, police said.

The boy used an AR-style rifle in the shooting, Police Chief James Kidd told The Dallas Morning News on Tuesday.

Both Gomez and the boy fled the scene, but Gomez later returned and was arrested on a murder warrant and the boy, whose name has not been released, was found and arrested in the nearby town of Rio Vista, said police.

Court records do not show that formal charges have been filed.

The shooting comes in the wake of two mass shootings that has focused attention on guns in Texas.
gomez.... how come when I see these types of incidents the most seem to be 'people of colour' or at the least, trailer trash whites

two cents ¢¢


people (especially women) do not give ONE DAMN about what they inflict on children and I defy anyone to prove me wrong

Dysfunctional relationships almost always have a child. The more dysfunctional, the more children.

The selfish wants of adults outweigh the needs of the child.

Some mistakes cannot be fixed, but some mistakes can be 'fixed'.

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one. Leo J. Burke

Adoption agencies have strict criteria (usually). Breeders, whose combined IQ's would barely hit triple digits, have none.
Mostly it's trailer trash. Of ALL colors.


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I hope that location has a "Juvenile Hall", as bad as those places were, the nation needs them!
If the place doesn't the little fucker will be bussed.


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