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Parent is sued by cyclist

Posted by cfdavep 
Parent is sued by cyclist
September 08, 2023

This was really interesting

A road cyclist was out cycling in the snow on a public trail and stuck his knee out knocking a five year old kid on her rear. The kid seemed to be just in the way as he was going by as seen in the pic and it was never mentioned if he did it on purpose or not. The kid hits the ground and he keeps going. With road cyclists he made not have noticed it as they are an intense group, plus one's knee can move like that on a bike or his attitude may have been to get out of his way and he pretended he didn't notice.

Anyway the duh filmed it and posted it online to get a public witch hunt going and the guy was harassed to the point of fearing to leave his house. So in return he sued the duh and won, so about $3000 as he said the video was a breach of privacy, he was threatened without the real story getting out. So it is a case of a parent having it turned against them after triggering a witch hunt. I doubt it would happen that way in the US.
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