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Parent is sued by cyclist

Posted by cfdavep 
Parent is sued by cyclist
September 08, 2023

This was really interesting

A road cyclist was out cycling in the snow on a public trail and stuck his knee out knocking a five year old kid on her rear. The kid seemed to be just in the way as he was going by as seen in the pic and it was never mentioned if he did it on purpose or not. The kid hits the ground and he keeps going. With road cyclists he made not have noticed it as they are an intense group, plus one's knee can move like that on a bike or his attitude may have been to get out of his way and he pretended he didn't notice.

Anyway the duh filmed it and posted it online to get a public witch hunt going and the guy was harassed to the point of fearing to leave his house. So in return he sued the duh and won, so about $3000 as he said the video was a breach of privacy, he was threatened without the real story getting out. So it is a case of a parent having it turned against them after triggering a witch hunt. I doubt it would happen that way in the US.
Re: Parent is sued by cyclist
September 22, 2023
I saw the video.. I think the cyclist did that deliberately... I also think that pair did not have the time to get out of the way... kids are oblivious.. the adult I think turned too late.

two cents ΒΆΒΆ


people (especially women) do not give ONE DAMN about what they inflict on children and I defy anyone to prove me wrong

Dysfunctional relationships almost always have a child. The more dysfunctional, the more children.

The selfish wants of adults outweigh the needs of the child.

Some mistakes cannot be fixed, but some mistakes can be 'fixed'.

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one. Leo J. Burke

Adoption agencies have strict criteria (usually). Breeders, whose combined IQ's would barely hit triple digits, have none.
Re: Parent is sued by cyclist
September 22, 2023
When my DH and I go cycling there are endless signs to keep to the right. A few people do not and even if they do the cyclist has to yell "on your left" and or ring a bike bell which we do in case someone jumps over and gets hit. Occasiobnally I have had to go off the trail after the left yelling thing, of course a small minority of people could be hard of hearing.

It does look like the guy on the bike did it on purpose to make a point. A form of "blocking the left lane rage"
only with a bike. Belgiuns seems to be more into letting the courts decide rather than recording things as they do in the US. Also walkers do not expect winter bikers.
Re: Parent is sued by cyclist
September 22, 2023
Unfortunately a child was hit because the cyclist is an asshole and so is the duh of the kid. So, of course it escalated because the two adults are really just children in adult bodies.

The cyclists where I live can be the biggest bully assholes. They have their own bicycle lane and still try to monopolize the sidewalks.

I had a cyclist try to ram me off the sidewalk (yes, there was a bicycle lane right next to it) because I refused to give him the entire sidewalk. I called his bluff and grabbed his bicycle by the steering wheel as he passed and pushed him out of the way. At the time I was working on one arm pull ups, so I was very strong but not obviously muscular. I remember how kids bullied each other and I also remember exactly what to do when a bicyclist tries to bully me. A riskier technique is to put the heel of your shoe against the spokes of their bike and they will lose control and go flying but you have to watch out for a flying person and bike.

There is a decent amount of asshole men out there who will bully women at any opportunity if they think they can get away with it. They aren't so fast to bully men because they may punch them or retaliate. I think it is important (when reasonable) that women make it very clear they aren't going to tolerate this crap.
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