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Babysitter jokes about smothering baybee

Posted by antisprog 
Babysitter jokes about smothering baybee
November 02, 2023
Reddit post:My (27F) soon to be sister in law (22F) said something about my 3mo old that made me really uncomfortable

My (27f) soon to be sister in law (let's refer to her as Helen from now on) was over visiting today. Helen loves our 3 month old and loves being around her. A little info on Helen- she's young (22), kind of immature, and has terrible anxiety. She's babysat our daughter once and my husband's father was there. I was a little nervous to let Helen do it herself because I haven't known her suuuper long (1-2yrs I think), so it was a good trial run with Grandpa there (totally trust him).

Anyways, we were talking about babies crying and how it can really cause your blood pressure to rise and be a sensory overload. Well, at one point Helen said something along the lines of "She's so precious but sometimes when she cries it makes me want to just put a pillow over her face". I was shocked. In the moment I didn't really known what to do or say so I just laughed it off but now I'm completely uncomfortable with Helen ever watching our daughter alone. My husband agrees.

Now, here's where it gets tricky. Helen is marrying my husband's brother. Helen currently lives with my husband's sister (let's call her Lily). We totally trust Lily with our daughter. When we were looking for a sitter the first time we texted Grandma, Grandpa and Lily, purposely leaving Helen out cause I wasn't too sure I wanted her to babysit. Lily couldn't babysit but since her and Helen live together, Lily asked Helen and then we felt like it would be rude to say no and since Grandpa was going to be there we were ok with it. Now, how do we go about talking to Lily so we can still have her babysit but let her know not to ask Helen if she's unavailable? Should we even do that or just forego asking either of them? Is that too much to put on Lily?

I get that people have intrusive thoughts that cross their minds and that just because someone thinks something, they'd never actually do it. But to verbalize it about MY child to ME, just really made me uncomfortable.

TLDR Soon to be sister in law made a comment about my crying baby that made me not trust her and now we're trying to figure out family dynamics.
Re: Babysitter jokes about smothering baybee
November 02, 2023
Small children can literally make me sick as in ambulance cuz my body shuts down due to migraine.


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Re: Babysitter jokes about smothering baybee
November 02, 2023
At least maybe now, moo will be less likely to dump her widdle angel on others.
Re: Babysitter jokes about smothering baybee
November 02, 2023
Watch your own kid. Problem solved. Or pay one of those services.

Free babysitting is not free.
Re: Babysitter jokes about smothering baybee
November 15, 2023
frankly, screeching babies makes me want to leave. any longer and I'd be prompted to do something illegal

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people (especially women) do not give ONE DAMN about what they inflict on children and I defy anyone to prove me wrong

Dysfunctional relationships almost always have a child. The more dysfunctional, the more children.

The selfish wants of adults outweigh the needs of the child.

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Re: Babysitter jokes about smothering baybee
November 16, 2023
Babies crying can elicit a lot of negative feelings in people. People shake their babies to death or to the point of permanent injury/disability when they don't shut the fuck up, and it happens so often that it is deemed a "syndrome." That should tell you how much loaf screeches can drive people up a wall. Like even people who want their kids probably have to resist the urge to shake or beat their loaves when they're entering hour seven of inconsolable screaming. I'm sure plenty of sleep-deprived parents had the thought cross their minds that they could get some peace if they just smother the loaf, and the ones who act on their urges and wind up with a dead infant just blame it on SIDS.

Maybe the SIL said it because she's sick of brat-sitting and wanted to discourage Moo from asking her to watch the kid. Or maybe she just has a more morbid sense of humor than the Moo.

The consensus in the comments seems to be that it's totally okey-dokey for the parent (or pet owner, in some cases) to joke about wanting to hurt their child/pet themselves. But when someone else jokes about hurting their child or pet, then it's inappropriate. Well that seems unfair! If a parent says they want to spank their kid until they can't walk straight, that's fine, but if I say I want to beat the ass of someone else's kid until it glows in the dark, I'm the bad guy?

Ten bucks says Moo will call the SIL's bluff because she needs child care. What's a little threat to the loaf's life on the small chance the sister-in-law kind of meant what she said?
Re: Babysitter jokes about smothering baybee
November 18, 2023
If she’s so concerned, the easy answer is to eliminate the family dynamics from the equation and find a trusted paid sitter instead. But we know she won’t do that, because free childcare is free, even if it comes with the slight risk of suffocation.

"Not every ejaculation deserves a name" - George Carlin
Re: Babysitter jokes about smothering baybee
November 18, 2023
Makes me wonder if this wasn't Helen's way of shutting down an entitled relative who thinks everyone in the family should be honored to babysit for free...
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