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Moos on Etsy

Posted by cfdavep 
Moos on Etsy
December 23, 2023
I was looking at these rose quartz hearts on etsy. A moo bought one for her gender reveal, obviously having a female child. She received it and it was not very pink, an off white pink. These stones can be faintly pink to moderately pink depending on where they were mined. Also the seller did not have a "You pick" option, so you get what they send you. The moo flipped out in the reviews of the business and said she has to start all over in her search for the perfect rose quartz heart and buy one all over again as the one that she was sent did not show enough pink for people to see to represent the upcoming female brat. Maybe paint it bright pink or get a pink sharpy if it is so important.

It was like a Bridzilla only it was a preggo, I guess a pregzilla.
Re: Moos on Etsy
December 29, 2023
So the seller gets a bad review because a naturally occurring mineral shows natural variations...nice. eye rolling smiley
Re: Moos on Etsy
January 01, 2024
If she wanted a more noticeably pink quartz heart, could she not have contacted the seller and asked if they had any darker pink pieces? There are pictures of everything on Etsy, so it's not like she didn't see what the item looked like before making a purchase.

A cursory glance at other sellers' items turned up some $10 bright pink heart-shaped gems (moissanite) that may have been more suited to Moo's picky bullshit needs. So she just had to not be lazy, or she just had to understand that quartz is not a deeply colored stone and to look for something different.

I wish gender reveals would fucking die already. At best, the Moos get so shitty about the pink not being pink enough or the blue not being blue enough (because it's never the Duhs who give a fuck). At worst, these bitches have started forest fires and even killed people with their extravagent displays that share the gender of their imminent mistakes instead of just using their mouths to tell people.
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