People are talking about it more
January 19, 2024

I found this over on Collapse where a lot of people are now anti-natalist.
Re: People are talking about it more
January 25, 2024
Glad to hear it!


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Re: People are talking about it more
February 11, 2024
I've had some similar thoughts that were also mentioned in the article. I don't know if I'm exactly an anti-natalist (I'm more of a live-and-let-live but if you're gonna breed, BY GOD do it right kind of person) I do think that the older I get the more I lean in that direction though.

Choosing not to have kids came to me very young because I didn't particularly like being around other kids. They were annoying and I preferred to be around adults or just on my own. Now that I'm much older, though, I see the benefits that my decision afforded me.

I'm glad to see that more and more people are waking up to the fact that they don't have to have them if they don't want them and that's OK. The lifescript isn't for most people. I blame it for a lot of unhappiness out there.

I prefer caring for animals and I'm much happier and better off with my furry and feathered family.
Re: People are talking about it more
February 12, 2024
The whole idea that everyone must breed is based on an economic model that relies on continuing, never ending expansion. One of very sad outcomes of such policy is urban sprawl and buildings that have taken over places where it was just a wilderness a few years ago. Seeing trees ripped out, landscape changed and traffic getting super heavy is what this never ending expansion does. When I see people question the narrative and choose to live the kind of life that they are ok with rather than accepting never ending conditioning, it gives me just a little bit of hope.

One other thing that makes me question this whole narrative are housing costs. I see debates everywhere but no mainstream source has pointed out that hey, supply and demand are still a set of inputs to a valid economic formula. Nobody asked why is there such high demand. Instead, we resorted to attacking women's rights and changing the law of the land while one party pissed on said rights and the other has offered very little assistance outside of a verbal debate.
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