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Selfish parentification

Posted by cfdavep 
Selfish parentification
February 22, 2024

Moo wanted to go skiing in Italy so she left her 13 son in the car to look after the 4 year old who was having a tantrum
The 13 year old said "f this, I want to ski also" and left. Someone noticed the 4 yar old in the car alone and called the cops on her.

I wonder if a lot fof 13 year old girls would do the same or just put up with it?
Re: Selfish parentification
February 22, 2024
I hope any 13-year-old would hit the slopes because that is age appropriate. A 13-year-old girl may have been beaten down and parentified enough to stop her from fleeing. Mombie deserves what she gets for doing this.
Re: Selfish parentification
February 23, 2024
Mombie deserves what she gets for doing this.

Absolutely. I had a friend growing up who was seriously parentified, and even as a kid, it was infuriating to watch.
Re: Selfish parentification
February 23, 2024
problem is, if this cunt of a brood sow gets that 13 year old alone there will be hell to pay. not because cunt pulled that stunt but because cunt was made to look bad. and got into trouble she brought on herself with her lazy incompetence

two cents ΒΆΒΆ


people (especially women) do not give ONE DAMN about what they inflict on children and I defy anyone to prove me wrong

Dysfunctional relationships almost always have a child. The more dysfunctional, the more children.

The selfish wants of adults outweigh the needs of the child.

Some mistakes cannot be fixed, but some mistakes can be 'fixed'.

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one. Leo J. Burke

Adoption agencies have strict criteria (usually). Breeders, whose combined IQ's would barely hit triple digits, have none.
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