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Loafing can break your heart

Posted by Cambion 
Loafing can break your heart
March 01, 2024
I mean literally it can break your heart. This lady was having all kinds of symptoms that she not only didn't realize were cardiac in nature, but were caused/worsened by getting herself pigged up. This condition - called peripartum cardiomyopathy - not only occurs during pregnancy, but has symptoms similar to pregnancy itself, so it's super easy for women to overlook the symptoms.

This condition can also be fatal. It's rare (one in one thousand women get it), but rare is not impossible. This woman has a pacemaker and medication to control things, but will need a heart transplant in the future. On one hand, were it not for her pregnancies, she may have never found out about her heart defect or the fact her worsening symptoms were coming from her heart. On the other hand, she might never have gotten this sick if she just didn't have any damn kids. And in fairness, all her original pre-pignasty symptoms (fatigue, cold extremities, shortness of breath) could have easily been thyroid disease. I experienced those symptoms myself before I got diagnosed with an underactive thyroid.

Like any of us needed more reasons to not breed.


“The hardest thing you can do to your heart is have a baby."

The hardest thing a woman can do to her whole body is get pregnant. Because pignasty affects so many things and causes permanent changes that aren't always just cosmetic in nature. Breeding alters a woman's body on a genetic level, even.

But this has me wondering something: why is it that pregnancy totally wrecks women's bodies and their health, but other mammals seem to have less of a hard time with it? Like I think female rabbits wean their babies and kick their fluffy little asses out of the nest within two months of birth and then the mom rabbit will get pregnant again very shortly afterward. I think cats have a similar weaning age for kittens and a single female cat can have multiple litters in a single year because I think a cat pregnancy is like eight weeks long. It's so wild that the mother animal and her young can both be adults at the same time, but only be a year apart in age. Like I'm sure there are chances for complications, but breeding puts human women out of commission for months and they never fully recover.

Why do humans suck so bad at recovering from pregnasty? In any case, add cardiomyopathy to the mile-long list of shit that is in no way worth developing for a creature that will tell you it hates you.



For years, Christi LeClair never thought much of the unusual symptoms she’s experienced throughout her life — the fatigue, cold arms and legs and shortness of breath.

“I was always cold as a child,” she said. “I grew up in Minnesota, so, who isn’t cold? But I was cold in the summer.”

At one point, she and her husband decided to start a family. During LeClair’s three pregnancies, the symptoms worsened and included some new ones, too. She battled extreme fatigue and swollen ankles.

When the symptoms continued long after childbirth and doctors only advised her to exercise more, LeClair decided to search for answers.

“I just kind of had it,” she told WTOP. “I knew something wasn’t right in my body. I couldn’t keep up with my friends or bike with my family. I could do it, but then I’d come home and be on the couch for the rest of the day.”

She found nothing, kept exercising and suffered with the symptoms.

But a turning point came a couple of years ago on a ski trip in Beaver Creek, Colorado. As LeClair scaled down a mountain, she snapped several muscles in her knee, and medics rushed her to the hospital.

Before surgery, the hospital staff checked her heart and discovered the culprit.

Doctors were then able to diagnose the 58-year-old with a little-known, but deadly heart condition called peripartum cardiomyopathy (PPCM).

It weakens a woman’s heart during pregnancy and in severe case can lead to heart failure, said Dr. Minisha Kochar, a cardiologist at National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado.

“Some patients recover fully, other patients will never recover,” Kochar said. “Some patients are referred for transplant.”

Since symptoms mimic those of pregnancy, many pregnant women don’t realize their hearts are impacted, causing the condition to go untreated.

Symptoms of PPCM include:
Shortness of breath with activity when lying flat
Swollen ankles or feet
Chest pain or tightness
Less common symptoms may include a feeling of heart racing or skipping beats (palpitations), fatigue, increased nighttime urination or lightheadedness, especially when standing up.

While PPCM is rare in the U.S., about one in every 1,000 women are diagnosed with it, and the number of patients diagnosed is increasing, according to the American Heart Association.

The heart health organization also reports that most women with PPCM are diagnosed in the last month of pregnancy and in the weeks following delivery.

There’s also no way to prevent PPCM, as most women, like LeClair, have a genetic predisposition, Kochar said. She urges moms with symptoms to get tested.

“I never thought about my heart,” LeClair said. “I have no heart anything in my family. I have a great-grandfather who fell over at 42 of a heart attack. That’s it. I never thought about my heart, it’s just in there beating.”

LeClair suffers with severe symptoms because she had a congenital heart defect she did not know about until she was diagnosed with PPCM. It explained her lifelong struggle with health problems.

Now, she controls PPCM with a pacemaker and medicine, and will most likely need a heart transplant in the future. She frequently encourages women who suffer with similar symptoms to have their heart checked.

“The hardest thing you can do to your heart is have a baby,” LeClair said. “It makes me just feel like anybody who’s thinking about getting pregnant needs a full cardiac work-up.”
Re: Loafing can break your heart
March 01, 2024
Um okay, so she did it three times?

Why keep having children if you are freaking exhausted? For years doctors gaslighted my medical issues. I knew I was too exhausted to have kids, so I didn't.
Re: Loafing can break your heart
March 05, 2024
Um okay, so she did it three times?

Because breeders are stupid. They'll complain about the horrible birth, post-partum complications, lack of sleep, inability to lose weight, no money, no time, identity loss, lack of help and the 5,000 other things they bitch about... and then do it all again in 2-4 years. If it really was as bad as they claim, they wouldn't do it more than once.

The threat of health complications or even death isn't enough to deter some breeder women either. A doctor can tell a woman in very blunt, clear terms that getting pregnant and giving birth could kill her and she'd still fucking do it. And people will cheer her on because nobody sees having a child as a bad thing under any circumstances.

I assume in this woman's case, either she or the Duh had rosy dreams of having a big family and rather than fostering or adopting and skip the whole endangering her health part, she just kept on crapping out more brats because she wanted Gawd to decide her family size or some shit.
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