Kid makes hole in wall over iPad, other parents chime in with endearing 'bonding' moments how to rectify.

"I had the same with my son ONCE. I called my dad and asked him if he would teach him how to fix it. Dad gladly accepted and my son was embarrassed enough to never do it again. Plus it was bonding for them."

Then the parental back patting: "What an unbelievably great solution. Well done"

I didnt read all the comments obviously but at least 3 others admit to their child doing this also. Wow. I never knew I could be this bad when I was a child. Things have changed, but I guess we were a little less likely to get what we want, and/or knew it was in our best interest to do what Dad said.

Keep reading, at least some others tackle that this is serious anger issues to stomp out now, and an addiction. I like this guy's solution: "Sell the iPad, frame the receipt & hang it by the hole in the wall." Another "He’d be 16 before I replaced that device. No joke. He needs to read library books." There lower comments all say a 10 y.o. doesnt need an iPad.

I think we woulda been dead, but also, I guess I would be the big overbearing meany, but That kid wouldnt have an iPad for a month, or TV, or any screen, grounded to bedroom except school and meals, given a book to read. then also would have to find some little jobs in the neighborhood (hopefully w/o much help from me) to earn pennies, dimes, nickles and dollars to then BUY all supplies to fix wall-even a big bag of plaster, I guess it is nice grandpa helped, but would have to do ALL the work under Gramp's supervision, and if gramps wanted to do it at 7am on Saturday even better. Maybe even make him write one page single spaced on ways we discussed together on anger management on feeling feelings and not acting them out. Also, from then on, iPad would be earned, and only given under certain hours and time limit, no exceptions. Obviously, the kyd is addicted and this is his rock bottom wake up call, and he needs a serious I dont think this is over punishment. I know of no one personally who done this to their parents' home, and I'm sure those who did, suffered consequences.

There's so much talk about teaching them no violence, yet they are violent. So much talk about being good role model, but how many have passive parents and still act out? Probably bcz they dont run off any energy.

Imagine experiencing so much joy raising your kid that you feel compelled to post this post.
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