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No. 1 regret of dying patients

Posted by freya 
No. 1 regret of dying patients
April 21, 2024
The most common answer, according to Ware, was: "I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me."

Most bad decisions can be undone over time, even if it takes years to do so. Most young adults do some dumb shit stuff and sometimes it happens until their 20's end. And for the slow learners, they may take another decade or two to work through the dump shit phase.

What other life decisions are permanent with no do-overs? Murdering someone and spending life in prison? Overdosing on drugs and suffering with lifetime health issues? Both of these are likely regrets too but the number of people who do things like this is going to be extremely small, so it wouldn't qualify as a No. 1 regret of dying patients.

What could they possibly be referring to here?

Re: No. 1 regret of dying patients
April 22, 2024
Amen to the quote. Time being our most valuable resource. It's a good article, and practically free of breederganda.

I mean that one mention of kids is kind of a jab at deadbeats, which is justified in my book.

In terms of a personal story, last year I lost my best friend and bandmate, he passed away due to a rare illness at 57 years old. He was a childfree musician, who lived his life at his own terms for a long time, and said the same thing. He was at peace, and I wish for everyone to have that same peace in their lives when the time comes.
Also, he had lots and lots of friends visiting him in hospital, and a few hundered came to his funeral - another proof that breederganda is damn wrong with its fear-mongering of childfree-folk ending up alone.
If we are good, authentic people, we will have honest friends that will support each other, even when the final curtain falls.

Freedom & Art & Music >>>>>>>>>> human spawn

"Music is immortal. People are not."
-William Anger, "King's Story" - Thief2 FM by Zontik
Re: No. 1 regret of dying patients
April 23, 2024
The article won't load for me for some reason, but I figure the important part was the quote.

I imagine at least some of the people who were living the life expected of them were probably referring to being gay and too scared to come out. But I'm sure a decent chunk had kids they didn't want to placate their spouse or relatives. You've only got one life and the last thing you should do is live it entirely to please someone else. And breeding is the worst and most unfulfilling way to live your life for someone else.

The assumption that no children = alone is such a crock of shit and people buy into it because they're so damn scared of being alone. As if reproducing is any guarantee that you won't be alone. Look in any nursing home and you'll find plenty of parents and grandparents whose kids never visit them. So much for who will take care of you when you get old. Meanwhile, people with no brats who have amassed a family of blood relatives, friends and pets will not ever feel alone.
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