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Kids pulling up cf neighbor's plants

Posted by cfdavep 
Kids pulling up cf neighbor's plants
May 25, 2024

About 8-10 comments down for a solution from amazon. Totally hilarious
Re: Kids pulling up cf neighbor's plants
May 26, 2024
I hope the author does buy the whistle and scares the piss out of the kid. I bet it will work even better if the kid has some form of autism/sensory horse shit disorder.

But yeah, the author reeeeeally needs to find a way to keep the brat out of their yard. While I'm sure the breeders of said child are happy to let them trespass and destroy shit instead of watching them, I'm sure they will not hesitate to sue if their precious bastard hurts themselves on the author's property.

I'd be tempted to plant lots of flowers that attract bees. So when Junior goes to uproot them, he'll probably get a few stings. I also like the suggestion of planting thorny flora. Or COVER the plants in things like ghost pepper sauce, pepper spray, the hottest damn hot sauce you can find. Put it everywhere. Kids loooove putting their filthy fingers in their mouths and all over their faces. Let them get a little 5 billion scoville heat in their eyes, noses and mouths and they'll learn not to mess with the neighbor's shit.

Or in case the author is not fond of confrontation, get photographic evidence of the unattended child in the yard and call the police. Let the handlers get the kid back from the cops a few times, maybe it'll learn them to keep the little bastard corralled on their own damn property. Call every single time the child is in the yard and the police will do the confronting for the author.

Or put something in the Facebook Buy Nothing group about it. "Free child! Approximately two years old, female (or whatever it is), appears healthy, no background check required! Pickup only at (author's address)." I bet you anything someone will come get it within like ten minutes. Let the neighbors deal with it when the kid goes missing.
Re: Kids pulling up cf neighbor's plants
May 27, 2024
I'd be pretty annoyed. Plants can be expensive and it's a lot of work to make a garden look nice. Luckily I have a fence around my yard so I won't be having any destructive little buggers.

I did recently do some removal of a large weed (Japanese Knot weed, right by my house and bad for the foundation) I pulled the stalks and left them in a neat pile by recycle and trash bins, and when I got up one day, they were all over the driveway and the side lane. I thought at first it was an animal who did it but then this little kid who catches the school bus in front of my house came up to me and started babbling incoherently while I was clearing up the mess. My belief is he decided it'd be a good idea to kick the pile everywhere.

The pieces have been removed now but the look on the kid's face was of such blatant guilt that I couldn't help but kind of laugh. It was kind of priceless IMO. He hasn't done anything since our little meeting by the lane.

Wrecking flowers though? I'd be livid.
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