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Guy in red state angry about porn rules

Posted by cfdavep 
Guy in red state angry about porn rules
June 05, 2024

I guess the rule is online porn in their state now requires a minimum age to sign in and the guy started flipped out over the conservatives. His wife reminded them they live in a state with a 100% ban on abortion and apparently THAT did not cause a flip out.
I guess it is ok to ban abortion, but touch the porn channel and the gloves are off.
Re: Guy in red state angry about porn rules
June 05, 2024
Very in keeping with the typical attitude of "I don't really care until it applies directly to me."
Re: Guy in red state angry about porn rules
June 05, 2024
Sounds about right. Men don't have to get abortions, so they don't have to care if they're legal/accessible. But you go after the porn and it's a different story. Because guys actually use porn.

Also I assume the age limit just means you can't look at it if you're a minor (like that stops older kids from looking at it). So if this guy is a grown man, why's he got his nuts in a twist? Because he'll have to click a check box that says "I agree that I am 18 or older" before pounding his flounder?

Yeah that's right up there with risking your life because you aren't septic enough to qualify for the removal of a dead fetus. eye rolling smiley
Re: Guy in red state angry about porn rules
June 06, 2024
I think a lot of these little head males should be told to go screw a knothole

two cents ΒΆΒΆ


people (especially women) do not give ONE DAMN about what they inflict on children and I defy anyone to prove me wrong

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