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Blaming capitalism for poor parenting

Posted by cfdavep 
Blaming capitalism for poor parenting
June 09, 2024

Found this on collapse. Apprently the cost of living is keeping parents working with no time to actually lraise their kids or even teach them to use a toilet leaving it to the teachers. Someone got on there and said "get a freaking vasectomy then, it is not that hard"
Re: Blaming capitalism for poor parenting
June 09, 2024
“We have a number of children who struggle with basic communication,” says Ms Skidmore. “'Can I go to the toilet? Can I have a drink?’ These are some of the basic sentences we have to teach our children to say.”
The children, whose parents speak English at home and have no learning disabilities, are coming to school unable to communicate. The staff therefore have to teach them Makaton, a basic form of sign language that uses symbols and signs to allow them to express themselves.
Some of the children who cannot talk are not toilet-trained either. At the start of Reception in September, eight of the 27 four-year-olds came to school in nappies. The school has had to develop “intimate care plans” to keep them clean as well as providing potty training.

This is piss poor parenting. These people speak English at home, so there's no language barrier in school between the student and the teacher. This is parents being lazy and not caring enough to teach the children they chose to have basic life skills.

Educational experts and teaching unions say the forced closure of schools during the pandemic meant some families lost sight of the value of education. In some cases, they were too busy working to home school their children, or didn’t have the space. When schools reopened, they placed less importance on ensuring their children attended.

Again, more piss poor parenting. And I will add, if closing schools for one year turned parents off to education, that tells me that they didn't give a damn about it before covid, other than a place to dump their kids for free childcare while they went to work, or got high, or turned tricks.

In addition, many schools found that parents’ mental health became strained. And this coincided with the closure of services where people with young children could meet, and receive professional support. Some parents today do not know how to play with their children, the school has discovered, so it now runs a weekly class to teach them.

So parents now need weekly support groups to get pats on the back for raising the kids they chose to have?

The rest of the article is more shitty parenting, or lax discipline in the home, of parents noping out on raising the kids they chose to have. The cost of living has always been high, food and rent has always been expensive. Being an adult means taking care of yourself and any children you chose to have. It means going to work, coming home and dealing with your children, i.e., checking their homework, reading any school notes, getting their clothes ready for the next day, playing with the young ones, reading to them, etc...the pandemic is no excuse or being a lazy breeder now.

And if I hear any more "mental health" excuses why breeders don't want to be the adult in the room and care for their own kids, I will scream. screaming in anger
Re: Blaming capitalism for poor parenting
July 10, 2024
if anyone doesn't believe in exponential cost of dysfunctional incompetent and toxic parenting is a thing, this is the outcome. This started looong ago. but with the power of exponential growth, the pond is now half covered and it is day 29.

on a side note I saw a yard sign 'congrats on 3rd grade graduation'. parents are now so easily hooked by the nose and lead here and there with all sorts of ego pats and the cheapening of actual achievement. in my day we were happy with an end of year party. really, we did not have any egotism about heading to the next grade. maybe some did, i didn't. the problem will only get worse.

two cents ¢¢


people (especially women) do not give ONE DAMN about what they inflict on children and I defy anyone to prove me wrong

Dysfunctional relationships almost always have a child. The more dysfunctional, the more children.

The selfish wants of adults outweigh the needs of the child.

Some mistakes cannot be fixed, but some mistakes can be 'fixed'.

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one. Leo J. Burke

Adoption agencies have strict criteria (usually). Breeders, whose combined IQ's would barely hit triple digits, have none.
Re: Blaming capitalism for poor parenting
July 15, 2024 12:41PM
As someone who struggles with some mental health issues since I was a kid, I long ago decided that I never wanted to become a parent because it wouldn't be good. I get that mental health problems can develop later in life due to stress, but it's not an excuse to be as lax as humanly possible and blame everyone and everything for your shitty parenting.

And I totally agree that none of this is new. There have always been shitty parents since we've been around and it will continue. The trends may change in the abuse with regards to what people can get away with, but it'll always be there.

Yes, housing, food, and transportation is expensive. Diseases have come and gone, including epidemics and pandemics. I remember money being a big problem for most people, except for some very fortunate people who worked hard and got good breaks.

I also think a lot of younger people spend too much money on useless crap and then a lot of them just don't have anything left. I'm no saint in this myself. I've bought useless products over my lifetime but I've learned to be more discerning in where my money goes now. If I see something I really want, I pause and think about it for a bit. It helps me make better decisions.

Consumerism is a big problem and people need to have all the latest designer gadgets and fashion. I suggest they get off the internet for awhile and reflect on it. Buying stupid things may give you a momentary thrill, but it can really screw you up for your long-term happiness.
Re: Blaming capitalism for poor parenting
July 15, 2024 01:08PM
While I agree about stupid crap, the bare basics are no longer remotely affordable. You can't rent the most BASIC one bed apartment for less than $1500 a month. Groceries are $300 min a month and so on. Corporate price gouging is out of control.


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Re: Blaming capitalism for poor parenting
July 15, 2024 06:38PM
I agree that things are a lot more expensive now but I also notice a lot of people walking around with very expensive manicured nails, designer handbags, or driving very expensive cars and yet they still complain about money being tight. A lot of them also choose to have a lot of extra mouths to feed which doesn't exactly help the grocery bill, either.

ETA: People live outside of their means all the time. I completely get that rents and mortgages are extremely high and it puts a strain on things. Groceries are high too but as I said above, I only have to worry about feeding myself and my critters. I'm also pretty careful about budgeting for food and personal hygiene products as well as cleaning stuff. If I had kids, I would have been extremely screwed.

I'd love to buy a sailboat but logically I know that even if I could pay for one up front, it would end up costing too much in the end. I've had to decide to go without the boat.
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