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Restaurant is closed now after death threats, but they ban brats under 5

Posted by cfuter 
The Bartletts are within their rights to ban children under 5 from the restaurant, according to federal law.

It's a vegan restaurant, what the fuck would even be on the menu that a typical kid would eat? Also, is breastfeeding vegan since the child is consuming an animal-based product? Not that I'd be surprised at Moos displaying hypocrisy, but I'm just wondering.

It's their restaurant, and they are allowed to decide who is and is not welcome. If this were a matter of banning people based on sexuality or race, I could see the outrage. But the brat ban is entirely due to disgusting breeders who whip out their udders to beef at the table and leave filled shitrags under and on tables where people are EATING. It's not that they have anything against kids, it's they have an issue with shitty parents accompanied by kids. I'm sure if the owners told a beefer to cover up her milk sacks or handed a breeder some Lysol and told them to scrub down the tabl they just put a shitty diaper on, there would be outcry over that too.

Unfortunately, with all the gross breeder Moos who keep their brats in diapers and sucking on their tits well into grade school, a five and under ban may only do so much.

Still, it's probably best for business overall to ban brats under a certain age, deal with the backlash from losing that small percentage of the customer base and enjoy increased profits from the rest of the customers who don't have to worry about whether or not they'll step on a nappy full of diarrhea.

I suppose they could set aside a special beefing room for the Moos, but then the Moos will bitch that their shitsacks "deserve" to eat at the table like everyone else too and forcing the heifers to milk themselves/suckle their loaves in a separate room is discrimination, ageism and segregation.

Better idea! The owners can hire pervy men to ogle titfeeders and make naughty gestures, lick their lips, make sucking motions with their mouths and generally make it look like they are getting off to watching the beef fest. Make Moos uncomfortable enough that they either cover up, feed their loaves in another room, leave the loaves at home or avoid the restaurant entirely. If they complain about the pervs, tell them they have as much right to be in the restaurant as Moo and calf, and if they don't like it, they can leave.


Under Indiana law, a mother has a right to breastfeed in any place she has the right to be, regardless of whether it is in public.

And people in public have every right to tell Moo to cover her udders up.
Those vegan restuarants really attract the crunchy crowd. People who believe that their kids should be able to crap wherever and boobfeeding to them ought to be happening everwhere..
People are going feral. It's really gross.
Also, is breastfeeding vegan since the child is consuming an animal-based product?

Just to clarify, I believe veganism allows consensual consumption of animal products. So if the milk is willingly provided, it is considered vegan. I sometimes think that this exception must have been the basis for the conception of the self-sacrificing bovine in the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

I'm not a vegan, but I don't mind vegan food and I'd consider eating at a restaurant that banned children under 5. I think it's a hard sell for that crowd, but good for them. Back in the '90s when smoking was still legal in restaurants in Europe I went many times to this vegetarian restaurant that served really bland and uninspiring food but forbade smoking.
What I find interesting is that the "children are life" crowd find it appropriate to send death threats. They remind me of the forced birthers, perfectly willing to shoot doctors and pregnant people to "protect a fetus".
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