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Moo doesn't want to face it

Posted by cfdavep 
Moo doesn't want to face it
June 19, 2024

A woman is friends with a woman who tried to baby trap her neighbor and may have. The man lives alone, I assume, and was not interested until she hit him up for a one nighter. Dumbass went for it and she has a kid. He wants a paterity test to make sure and she absolutely refuses as she may have to face the fact that it is the "other guy's" as in the one she really regrets.
Why are some men SO DUMB?
Re: Moo doesn't want to face it
June 19, 2024


Passive Aggressive
Master Of Anti-brat
Re: Moo doesn't want to face it
June 20, 2024
The friend who posted isn't much smarter. "I don't understand why she won't do the DNA test." Really? You have not the slightest clue why your friend might not want paternity confirmed? eye rolling smiley
Re: Moo doesn't want to face it
June 21, 2024
Another one on there had a kid with a dude that had 22 kids, from maybe as many women. Everyone is crapping on the male idiot who wanted to "make sure he left behind a legacy" but no one said a thing to the moo who knew what the guy was and bred with him anyway.

There are cf women on the sub, but everytime they post there seems to be a slew of breeder posts following it, no attacks, just moos talking about their lives.
Re: Moo doesn't want to face it
June 26, 2024
There's this wonderful little invention called a condom. It's been out on the market for quite some time and it's widely used to prevent this sort of shit from happening.

I hope the sex was worth all the hassle he's about to deal with, especially if the paternity test shows it's his.

I concur: What an idiot!
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