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My Wife Is a Freakin' Breeder-Pleaser

Posted by MerlynHerne 
My Wife Is a Freakin' Breeder-Pleaser
December 20, 2018
Before my wife left to go home to moomie and duhdie, she got all bent out of shape because I called her family breeders. Moomie isn't going to get grand brats from her real children, so she's saying that skanky SIL's brats are her grand children. They're not.. this person was a foster-child. They never got to adopt her, so I point out that Skank isn't Anna's real sister. Then Mrs. Herne got further bent out of shape because I'm pissed that MIL's Fakebook photo isn't one of her REAL children with her. Nope, it's Wannabe Grandmoo and her fake :"grandchildren". The fact that she doesn't see anything wrong with it makes her a breeder-pleaser in my book.

And does anyone think it's bad that I told her that if she kept this suicide BS up she end up in the state hospital? It's the damn truth. She says it was unforgivable and when I said that I snapped any connection we might have had. I think it was high time that she heard the truth. She says she came close to suicide, so she checked herself into a local mental health triage center. Of course her idiot therapist and a bunch of people claim I was abusive to her. Why? For telling her to grow up and quit being an oblivious little snow flake. That's not being abusive--that's telling her the truth instead of coddling her.

Anyhow, so nice to know that she's a breeder-pleaser. And yes, most people with children are breeders. Her parents raised two utterly useless children...neither of them are worth the powder to blow to hell. She's mentally-ill and so's her brother. And she's epileptic on top of it all.I almst wish she had committed suicide.
Re: My Wife Is a Freakin' Breeder-Pleaser
January 25, 2019
Not that my opinion holds much water because I don't know much about what happened, but calling someone a breeder-pleaser, telling them that their family are breeders and calling them a snowflake are basically fighting words. Even if it's the truth.

I don't like most breeders myself, but if someone called me those names, I'd be pretty pissed with them. If someone attacked my family, I'd tell them off. Even the ones with kids. I'm not a lot for kids, but I love some of the people in my family who have them. Also, publicly wishing that your SO had committed suicide is a dick move. It could also be considered abusive.

Not trying to be adversarial or rude, but I thought I'd share my two cents.
Re: My Wife Is a Freakin' Breeder-Pleaser
February 16, 2019
Just to bring some context into this, I didn't publicly wish she'd commit suicide. I told her if she kept this nonsense she would end up in a mental institution...and that is the truth.

All her family is doing is to badmouth me to her and to coddle her. She needs to come home, get a job and keep it. Mumofsixbirds, I have supported her for almost eleven years (she quit work to go to school), moved wherever she wanted to live, struggled to put her through massage school, bought her all the massage equipment necessary, even furnished her area at a massage studio and paid for her license. She ended up working 5 days a month. Then she dragged me out here so she could get her black belt in Karate (the system has very few dojos in the US). And what did I get for helping her? Being called an abuser.

Her latest is that she wants to go to nursing school. I don't know how when she couldn't work and finish a simple CNA class ( she FINALLY got a job because I told her she needed to work her way through school now that she's maxed out her loans and I do not have the income to pay for her schooling.

There are two sides to every story.

It's fine. I'm not upset at anything you've written. I welcome input.
Re: My Wife Is a Freakin' Breeder-Pleaser
February 16, 2019
I would recommend counseling for yourself to discover why you ended up in the relationship you did. As bad as she is, you picked her and stayed with her and gave too much.

In my younger years I ended up in relationships where I gave way more than I should have. Therapy helped a lot.

Also might want to check out the Karpman drama triangle. Because I grew up in dysfunction, I thought that was normal behavior and that everyone lived and interacted like that. They don't. There are normal people who don't live like that. You need to get yourself healthy enough where you are attracted to normal, healthy people and where they are attracted to you.
Re: My Wife Is a Freakin' Breeder-Pleaser
February 16, 2019
Like at my age, that's possible---not. And with FASD and other mental issues? I am in therapy. BTW. I had another girlfriend who was abusive. I want this one back. Her trashy dipshit Moo is not going to win this one. I don't know how, but I do NOT want that bitch winning. Mrs. Herne needs to come home, get a steady job and grow the hell up. I have not done everything I've done to see her staying with mommy to be coddled.
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