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Parent trying to impress their kids

Posted by cfdavep 
Parent trying to impress their kids
May 24, 2023
I was reading on yahoo about a moo who could not get tickets to Taylor Swift's Era tour and managed to land two of them for $2000 each for her and her daughter. The moo had to get relataives involved to help pay for it. Another guy spent $21,000 on two tickets for him and his daughter. I find that this is a thing with parents today. Instead of admitting that they can't afford it and the kid having to live with that, they will go into debt to be seen as a hero in their kid's eyes. The moo admitted that it upset her that her 12 year old was entering that stage where she was becoming a teen and lost interest in the moo and instead was thinking of hanging out with friends, but the daughter acknowedged moo again when presented with that magical opportunity to see Swift perform. I guess it hits some parents when their kids get older and they attempt to hang on to them no matter the cost.
Re: Parent trying to impress their kids
May 25, 2023
The kids probably won't even be grateful for it anyway, and it'll just set the bar that much higher. The parents will have to live up to those expectations from then on because blowing a fortune on concert tickets will be the new standard.

What's the worst that's going to happen if you tell your brat you can't afford to sink five figures on a concert ticket? They tell you they hate you? They should have started doing that around the age of three or four. There's nothing wrong with setting boundaries, even if you can afford to spend that much money on a concert.

If it's an attempt to rekindle your kid's interest in you as they get older, most kids don't really hang out with their parents and if you have to buy your child's attention and affection, it's probably not going to be worth it. Like don't parents bitch about how they can't stand being around their toddlers because the brats cling to them 24/7? You think they'd enjoy their kids wanting nothing to do with them as they get older.

The Moos of these kids probably don't have any friends their own age anymore, so they have to try to befriend their kids.
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