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Just plain hate.

Posted by catharsist 
Re: Just plain hate.
October 16, 2020
My hates today, in no particular order:

1. tailgaters. I hate drivers who will not go with the flow. No matter whom they get behind or how fast that person is going, they ride bumpers until they can pass the person. obnoxious. note: I get out of anyone's way who wants to pass me-you wanna go faster? Have at it. But some people cannot be behind anyone and they need to stop fucking driving.

2. People in stores who have no concept that other people are in the store and they may need to get to an item. I am not talking about people who take a minute to look at things and compare items--I'm talking about people who park in front of shit and look at their cell phones or are generally oblivious when someone else may be trying to access something in front of them.

3. I have an acquaintance on FB who was my neighbor approximately 15 years ago. I never hear from her unless she wants me to donate to one of her church related causes. She just asked me for my address again and I'm sure a mailer is coming about some mission critical Xtian indoctrination mission in another country, some dumb fundraiser for one of the holy grand brats or some MLM type venture. Seriously, do people have no shame? I would be embarrassed but I guess that means I'm not an MLM type person.

4. Anyone under 25 who calls themselves a "seasoned professional" on LinkedIn. Someone I know has a kid who is 24 and he is touting himself as a "senior influencer" or "senior strategist." Just stop it already.

5. "Influencers." Not a real job. Just stop it already.
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