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Just plain hate.

Posted by catharsist 
Re: Just plain hate.
December 24, 2017
My biggest hate at the moment. My patient's vile, lying, entitled, harassing family members! angrily flogging with a whip.

I work as a community mental health case manager, and I'm harassed daily by these demanding pieces of self-righteous twats. It's so bad that I've had to restrict contact with two of the family members, as they were monopolizing all of my time with their relentless whining and blaming. It's nothing constructive at all, just complete entitled rubbish that has absolutely nothing to do with my line of work, and most of the time is the plain responsibility of the same people harassing me.

For example, I deal with mental health related problems only, but the family member is harassing me to get my patient's lawns mowed regularly (He has his lawns mowed by a friend at a discounted rate, but nope - he wants it provided for free and regularly). Nothing sinks into these people's heads, no matter how many times I have to tell them that unless it's a psychiatric issue, then I'm not responsible. The problem is that they have enduring guardianship and attorney, so I have to deal with them, and not tell em to take a hike - as they have input into the care planning.

I'm just sick of them calling me multiple times during the day just to whine and moan about how terrible I am for doing all these horrible things to their cherub and snowflakes (even if I don't make the doctor's decisions). I'm also sick of them abusing and harassing me, just because they have failed their family member, and the state had to step in and take control. This is the crux of the problem, it's about control. They couldn't give a rats about their family member, but it's because their control over them has been removed, that's why I'm getting the harassing calls. It's also not just harassment, they're blatantly lying about the treatments, and grossly interfering with the care - and then have the audacity to say that they're going to their lawyers, and continue to blame me for the grievances they have with the system.

I'm sorry to say, but it's any wonder my patients are sick, as these people are complete scum, and need to be divorced from my very unwell patients (who are more well than them). I just wish I could tell those family members to beat it.
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