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Kre8ive Names

Posted by Anonymous User 
Re: Kre8ive Names
May 01, 2019
I agree--"creative" spellings don't make names special, and having the same name as a classmate is seriously not a big deal at all and does not diminish your child's oh-so-specialness in any way. All a "creative" spelling does is doom the kid to a lifetime of having to spell their name when someone asks for it.

I know someone who got the best revenge for the "creative" spelling of her otherwise very nice first name. Her parents named her Nikkole, so that it would be "easier" to shorten to Nikki. She never wanted to be called Nikki, always went by her full name, and as soon as she was old enough she changed it to the standard spelling.
Re: Kre8ive Names
May 31, 2019
Saw this gem a few days ago: "Hevyn."

I guess spelling "heaven" backwards has lost some of it's appeal, so now people are spelling it in the right order, but spelling it wrong. Also saw a kid named "Styck Fenixx" in the paper under the birthday section. Really? Can't think of a better name than "stick"? And you can't even spell it right? And you give the kid a retarded misspelled middle name too?

I have to constantly tell people how to spell my name and I HATE IT. I don't even have a fucked up kre8ive name either - it's a common, properly spelled name and everybody butchers it. I've honestly considered changing the legal spelling of my name to the one people usually use (one letter different) just so I can stop spelling my fucking name to everyone! Now every single kid is going to have to spell their name all the time because their parents being brain-dead is just so damn cute, I guess.
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