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thumbs up"Hurray I'm registered!"(use this thread to introduce yourself)

Posted by zeropop 
Re: thumbs up"Hurray I'm registered!"(use this thread to introduce yourself)
September 09, 2018
I grew up with younger brother, in a house where my Dad works at home in a creative profession and my mom wore the pants. I'm 35 now and I went into a similar profession. I marketed my Dad's business once I got my computer degree, then, after making my Dad more money and new clients in a single 2 year period than he'd ever had, my mom retired from her job, and together, they fired me, and continue to use the clients I introduced them to to pay their bills, and ignore the internet's ability to make more, out of pride. Even before this happened, my mom would take a full 1-2 years off, every 5-10 years growing up, because "it's hard working AND being a mom". Now it's "I did my job". Meanwhile, my Dad will work until he'd dead.

At the same time all this was happening my brother got his wife pregnant and they had 2 kids in 3 years. Of course, even though I do practically the same thing as my Dad, and made my parents the money to afford her to retire, nothing I have done or will ever do will be one millionth as important as those precious carbon copies. My brother and his family live 9 hours away from my parents, and I live one, and our house is on the way. But....my folks see them 3-5 times a year, and never come over. My brothers wife is also a non-biological replica of my mom, who has never had a full time job once in the 12 years she'd dated / been married to my brother, and will no doubt ride the "stay at home mom" profession even when her kids are teenagers driving cars.

All of this put together made me somewhat of a sexist in my 20s, Im not proud to say. However, at 29 I met my fiance of going on 7 years, who I have lived with for 6, who has saved me from becoming estranged from the rest of my family. She is the most childfree, honest and down to earth woman I have ever met. I can actually watch a TV show with her without her automatically assuming every woman with a child is a delicate flower that deserves to be waited on hand and foot. For example: when I used to watch a show with an ex where a woman trapped a man with a pregnancy, the exes would say stuff like" well it takes two to make a baby". My fiance, on the other hand says "she totally trapped him, what a bitch". It's super refreshing to be with a female who doesn't think the world revolves around giving birth and raising children.

But that's me ^^^. I'm here mainly for the entertaining comments you can't / aren't allowed to say on normal social media. You all are going great!
Re: thumbs up"Hurray I'm registered!"(use this thread to introduce yourself)
October 13, 2018
Hello, I'm Fleur. I've been lurking for awhile and finally decided to join. I've never wanted kids and they are annoying when I'm around them too long.
Hey everybody,

After a couple of months of reading a lot of encouraging and inspiring posts of all the like-minded people here, I finally gathered the courage to join myself.
I'm a part-time musician/artist, part-time material scientist (PhD student) from Germany, in my mid-20ies now, and have been freedom-loving, childfree and an antinatalist for as long as I can remember - for a wide array of reasons. Never even came close to fence sitting.

Even while I was a kid myself I disliked/despised the contact with chyldrun, never enjoying their “company” (more like: their lousy screeching, babbling, throwing dirt, running around breaking stuff and finally: bullying) at any moment, and never wanting to share (waste, actually) my own precious life with one of those selfish, wasteful, illogical monstrosities. Equally, I avoided breeders with their baybeetalk, mommy/daddyjacking everything not nailed down, and their signature bingo-games as much as possible as well, like the plague they are.

And unfortunately, coming from a "Christian" household, this got me into a lot of insults, bingos and arguments from sides of my family, making me pretty much a highly annoyed, sick-of-everything outcast, and giving me social anxiety and inferiority complexes among other; latter ones, since nothing I otherwise achieved was validated, cause I’m an “evil chuyldhater” in their eyes.
Just for the record: I’m not a hater. I don’t wish children harm in any way, no matter how messed up and bratty they are – all I want is, that they stay the heck away from my personal and professional life.

I'm happy that I found this forum, with so many awesome childfree people, their life experiences, and actual free speech.

This year, an even tougher impact happened on my life. I have lost the man of my dreams to his irrational, uncompromiseable and fanatical kydbreedermania.
He was an amazing, perfect musician, composer and (seemingly) intellectual, and I loved him damn much, but unfortunately, after 2 years the true colors showed, and even though I told from the beginning about my childfree stance, he started to blurt out constantly about WANTING!!!!! 3 kydzz and the arguments and fights that followed were awful, making me even more of a mental mess.
He brutally bingoed me in every way possible, and every reply from my side was discarded as "bullsh*t I got from the internet" or "MY mental illness caused by my 'upbringing' ". So, I had no choice but to leave (or get dumped, question of perspective, I guess). All that left me in depressions ever since.
Anyway, I'm happy to be here now, where I can be myself, without any fear of some breeders/wannabreeds rhetorically jumping all over me with their rat-eaten “logic” grinning smiley

Re: thumbs up"Hurray I'm registered!"(use this thread to introduce yourself)
November 02, 2018
Nice to meet you, Bastet! Sorry about the breakup - it's always tough even when you know it is for the best and even if they behave badly in the end and turn some of that sorrow into anger.

I find Germany strange because there are all sorts of benefits for breeding (like getting extra time for your PhD), but at the same time, I don't think that most people actually like kids very much. Certainly nobody enjoys the noise and clutter. It sometimes seems that people have them just because they think they ought to, just like they stay registered with the church so that they can get married/buried there.
Re: thumbs up"Hurray I'm registered!"(use this thread to introduce yourself)
November 02, 2018
Hi Bastet,

Welcome to the board! I'm also sorry to hear about your breederific boyfriend. Thank goodness you guys didn't get married before he decided to unleash this nonsense on you.

You sound so much like me! I couldn't stand being around kids when I was one, either. I also come from a religious family, and have endured the BS from them about my views on kids. I live in Canada, but I am of German descent...well, half German and half Dutch. I was raised by the German side of my family.

I love this place, because it's one of the only havens where CF people can truly express how we feel about breeders and brats, without getting banned.
Thanks a lot for the kind welcome folks,
Yurble, youre totally right, Germany is pretty much the Land of conformists, people are mostly sheeple, not many think for themselves, just going with the flow, especially with breeding. Its just "the thing you do". With the benefits, I'm actually not well informed enough to know. I did hear a breeder work-colleague moan about "scarcity of preschool places", but I dont know. As for benefits, I only know of the childsupport money the state pays, and taxes being a bit lower, but even that I dont know too well. What for anyway grinning smiley As if the truly lil benefits could outweight the actual material and emotional scarring a brat inflics. LOL. About PhD-timings, I dont really know either. Usually there are strict rules, 3 or 4 years as a university employee. But even that depends on the Prof I guess. Mine is pretty breederfriendly, as I got to know, gives day offs and stuff. Half the goddamn institute is sprogging, even hanging photos of these potato goblins on the effing bulletin board. So yeah, you might be right on that one too -.-
And yes, Mumofsixbirds, couting my blessing not to have to deal with a divorce...
Thanks for this awesome forum, and to an awesome time!

Freedom & Art & Music >>>>>>>>>> human spawn

"Music is immortal. People are not."
-William Anger, "King's Story" - Thief2 FM by Zontik
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